feedrate modal or not

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feedrate modal or not

Postby albers » Tue Jul 11, 2017 3:43 pm

Is the federate supposed to be modal in the HD3 control?
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Re: feedrate modal or not

Postby Rando » Sun Oct 22, 2017 11:44 pm


Feedrate should be modal, but not apply to rapids. So a G01 X10 Y10 F10.0 will move to that location using F10.0, but if the next line is G00 X0 Y0, that F10.0 won't apply to that G0 rapids-move. But, you knew that ;-).

I'm not aware of any setting that would change Feedrate to a non-modal setting. There are rare GCODE places where a feedrate code is given but isn't modal. But, IIRC those are canned cycles that accepted an F axis value, but didn't directly affect the G01/G02/G03 feedrate. Yeah, at one point I decided to read the entire 300+ page HAAS controller manual. Surprising what the big-boys can do :D.

Hope that helps. Are you seeing an issue where it appears to be non-modal?



P.S. Apologies for the (very!) late response; I was moving houses and was offline for a couple months. Nice to be back!
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