z-axis changes while moving across x-axis

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z-axis changes while moving across x-axis

Postby jfritzson » Sun Dec 25, 2016 4:37 pm

I am trying to finish setting up my new HD4. I have had some challenges but am almost there. When I first planed my spoil board I had ridges leading me to believe that my bit was leaning forward as my ridges were high on the front. If I ran my fingers from back toi forward I would hit the ridge where if I ran them from forward to back I dropped off the ridge. I ended up putting a small shim on my spindle and tightening my upper carriage bolts after slightly loosening my lower ones (less than a half a turn) As I look at my spoil board the left side (almost half is perfectly flat in every direction. As I continue to move along the X axis to the right the ridges start to appear again in the same manner with the worst about 3/4 through and less at the end of the spoilboard on the right.

I am at a loss now as to how to make my spoilboard perfectly level across the entire bed. What other adjustments can I make? What other tests can I run to see what the issue is? Since I am in Dallas and the weather has been a little crazy I am thinking it may be the MDF. The only change I believe I will make is to purchase some 8/4 hard wood square it up, mount as strips and try to see if that helps the situation.

I use a water cooled spindle and a dust hood, Very little hose is needed as I drop down from the ceiling and reduce the 4" hose to 2" and then out to the dust hood. There should be minimal weight on the hood at all times.

Would welcome any input to help the situation. Thanks in advance.
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