Control Panel v2.1 Build 25f Virtual Zero

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Control Panel v2.1 Build 25f Virtual Zero

Postby TKWoodCrafts » Sat Apr 01, 2017 11:07 am

Good morning,
I just updated my control panel from v2.1 Build 22 to Build 25f. It's been a while since my last update.
On the Build 22 when I run virtual zero I have it set to take the measurement 1" in from the corners from the edge of the material . With the Build 25f it goes all the way to the corners no matter what setting I put in for the offset.
Has anyone else seen this?
I am contacting Nextwave on Monday to see what they say.
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Re: Control Panel v2.1 Build 25f Virtual Zero

Postby monitoringpost » Sat Apr 01, 2017 9:58 pm

Could you goto to Info > View Release Notes and post them. Thanks!

P.S. I noticed that this version's installer is 3x the size of previous ones.
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Re: Control Panel v2.1 Build 25f Virtual Zero

Postby TKWoodCrafts » Sun Apr 02, 2017 11:48 am

Here is the View Release Notes and post:
It is a lot. The Shark runs and cuts ok. Also everything is set to inches.

[17] planned update
: CommandStack... line added to reconnect to controller after disconnect, so system can break out of loop resulting from disconnect.

: Preferences update...
1 changed if statements, so ignored values will revert to last saved value (converted for current UnitSize: millimeters or inches), instead of default settings.
2 Updated Virtual points to flip back and forth from inches to millimeters with default unit unitSize change.
3 Added option for user to set grid line spacing.

: Grid Lines...
1 Turned grid lines on, added checkmark to Grid line menu item.
2 updated gridline function to allow users to enter decimal values.

: Removed one line of code that caused a loop when two hotkeys were hit at the same time, failing to stop movement on the CNC. The fix is evidenced as Two hotkeys no longer throw the associated softStopException to the user screen.

: Piranha: connection updated, [Sleep...Application.ProcessMessages] code remarked, Timer removed, additional checks added to prevent connection attempt if a Shark controller was connected and moving prior to check.

: [Preferences][General] Prompt for Updates on Startup [x] code updated to ensure rollback option only prompts users when they check through the menu if no new version is available.

: Vectric Post Processor and Direct Output installer option updated 2015.4/29

: Virtual... more bulletproofing for [Image Cutting area]
1 Change to process, defaults collection set as [Material] with borders
2 If scan for [Image Cutting Area] works correctly, system snaps to [image cutting area]
3 If scan for #2 fails, system updates to travel area with borders
4 if scan for #3 fails, system reverts to [Material] with borders
5 Borders are off when #2 is successful
6 Borders are on when #2 fails or setting is not on [Image Cutting Area]
and there is a gap between border collection that is greater than the border size.
7 if all virtual collection setup options fail, system will throw an error message instead of allowing collection to occur... [/!\ System is unable to read the header and values of this file. Please update your postprocessor, kick out a new .tap file and try again.]
Note: This update Resolves issue where virtual setup starts heading in wrong direction.

: internal offsets removed from file building processes for Virtual and [4th | A Axis].

: internal offset moved to [Detect Touchplate] process, which is used by standard, Virtual and AAxis processes.

: File Parser updated...
1 more accurate collection for [Image Cutting Area]
2 Huge [Load GCode] speed improvement... less time, bigger file!

: Detect Touchplate
1 When setting position with detect touchplate the new driver and firmware results were above the material. The current internal settings should results in light surface contact on [Move To Zero].
2 Change prompt detect touchplate on run to not prompt once user sets zero.

: Virtual Borders are working in inches again. 4/21
: Display crosshairs follow Virtual collection. 4/21

: updated Offset messages to be more clear. 4/23
: Virtual... double checked virtual... 2 internal adjustments were removed. A change was made to the collection loop. Both efforts increased accuracy by a very small amount. 4/23
: Check for updates at startup is working off preferences. 4/23

: updated move to zero, so EStop would work.
: Retested everything!
: Run flips back and forth as expected.
: User is not dropped off virtual when cancelling on [Detect Touchplate] during perform run.
: User has exit option from Run sequence by clicking [Cancel]
: moving router and clicking perform run provides user option of moving to last position... if user does not move to last position file is reloaded to controller. This works correctly whether or not virtual is on.
: User can kill a runaway jog with EStop.
: EStop verified to stop all jog movements when used during a movement.
: 1st mouseMove over Pause button removed at beginning of run-loop. No reason for this code to exist at that location.
: 4th Axis run works as expected.
: inch to millimeter conversions are all working as expected.
: virtual collection is working as expected.

: conversion process millimeters to inches and back. Unified the control panel to properly handle changes... 1 default setting starts on load and is turned on whenever user opens and closes preferences. 2 file loads trigger change when a GCode 20 or 21 is in the loaded file. 3 setting in use is displayed in the control panel and updated whenever there is a change.
: updated GCode trigger to update other forms. (tested 4/16)

: updated a number of preference items to always return unitType values that match controller settings.
: updated some preference items to return values relative to the current form. converting from one unitType value to another (ie: inches and millimeters).
: Rolled changes into virtual... now it properlay handles files that do not match default preference unit types without any unexpected behaviors. [fully tested with default set to inches and using files set in both inches and millimeters on 4/15]
: updated AAxis start distance inch to millimeter conversion on 4/17 at 7 am.

: when preferences switch millimeter to inch, checks are forced on options with limits (4/16)

: updated run loop further... rework testing proved 100% repeated process, and minimized reload of files to controller.
: Added [Detect Touchplate] trigger for runloop when detect touchplate was used in standard or virtual process and run is in the alternate process. [tested 4/16]

: messageboxes added to runloop to ask user if they'd like to move back to start position... 1.Prompt at startup when router is not in last run position (should eliminate reload to controller in most cases, user's are not prompted when reload will happen regardless of position). 2. Prompt at end of run when [Estop] is used. (tested 4/16 100% passed).

: eliminated bug in main control panel form with unchecking and rechecking [Virtual].
: added [Detect Touchplate] fix for Virtual, removed duplicate code found in calling process.

: patched recent files and favorites menu items... there was a bug in item removal. it is fixed.

: Added/patched processes checking the current position. updated run and moves with new work.

: renamed release exe... CNCSharkCP2.exe, this will allow older versions to be run on the same machine at the same time. Name now matches installer file.

: Beta and release installers have different folders and names, so they can be run on the same machine.

: rolled in new VCarve 4th Axis (A Axis) post processors from KB Joe. updated installer to load those to aspire and vcarve.

: updated web links on 4/16 at 4 pm
: stripping out [%20] from web file names for saves to pc. added 4/16 at 5 pm.

: rolled in 4th Axis user guide and quick start links 4/16 at 4 pm

: updated messagebox option for users to pull updates even if the next version isn't newer. So users can pull any updates or previous versions the way they pull new releases. This will help if we have any rollbacks in the future or forget to increment a release or beta update.

: Added Recent Files
: Added Favorites
: Added url to 4th Axis User's Guide
: removed [Preferences] button on Virtual Collection Form, since the button exists on the Control panel form
: rolled new 4th Axis sample files into install
: jog step buttons updated so 4th Axis step travel is from 0 to 360, users can still put in a negative manually.
: preferences has safety checks for AAxis and virtual Cut depth offsets added, and AAxis safe height now works as expected.
: [Detect Touchplate] turns invisible when AAxis is turned on. No [Set Offset] button appears or is required for setting 4th Axis.

: Display update to properly handle GCode I J curves, also makes [Virtual] [Image Cutting Area] work correctly. Prior to this update [Material] setting was only option for some curvy images, because the center point of the curves was affecting the size used by the display and the [Virtual] [Image Cutting Area]. If a drawing does not display properly in your viewer do not use [Virtual] [Image Cutting Area] selection. It is the most accurate option when the Image displays in full size from zero to furthest cutting point.

: updated config to turn 4th Axis hardware on and off when [AAxis] box is checked and unchecked.
: tested out various code snippets calling DLL functions to verify return values for successful calls.

: Installer.exe renamed, so customers can tell the difference between the installer and the actual control panel executable
: The word Control Panel has been shortened to [CP] throughout all shortcuts and links to allow users to see the version of the shortcuts and links without resizing or clicking on the items.
: A desktop shortcut was added to the installer.
: Beta users have been provided a new help link in the Beta Control Panel to download Beta updates.
: The word Release has been removed from software versions. It has been replaced with the word Build, so users will see 'Build' for Release versions that have build numbers and 'Beta' for Beta versions with or without build numbers.

: Run process revamped and StartRun was removed from run loop. It is safer this way, and corrected a random move to a new start position, which matched distance and angle of move from line 1 to line 2 of user's GCode from the stopped position where it occurred. If [Continue] button is enabled after clicking [EStop], the router will move to the starting position whether a user clicks [Continue] or [Estop] now.

: Installer finalized : New folder Hierarchy "CNC by NextWave\Shark CP 2.1"
: Installer copies older files into startup location for app.
: System now allows for older product installations to coexist with current release
: uninstall is now separate for this and any future release from previous installations
: common folders added to support school and business installations
: Program updated... when common folder exists program copies Preferences and Hot keys from common folders into user folders when the files do not exist, usually [Public\Documents], this allows business and school entitities to create templates for these files if they wish so new installations can get any custom settings on startup of a new user.

: skip virtual check when virtualzero is off and Run was clicked

: unitType (mm/inches) now updated in set coordinates form to match current setting
: rolled help into Registration form, added link to
: updated links in About form, top link to, other link to tested a full registration submit to verify it works as expected.

: inches to mm corrected
: AAxis refreshed in jog panel when previously setup
: changed mouseover process to use hidden property for control position, much more efficient, and always works
: updated button disable/enable processes to disable missed buttons and other processes on form show while program is running to help prevent users from accidentally damaging their projects during a run.
: defaults adjusted if old settings show up for position... to ensure machine is reset by user so system and projects don't get damaged from the update.
: virtual points file deleted if it is found in old format
: [Preferences] [A | 4th Axis] form updated to be easier for customers to use and understand.

: ***Virtual corrected for new setup, and reusing points is accurate than ever before... everyone should set the [Preferences] [Virtual Cut Depth Offset] to 0.0, after running a test decide if you need to make any changes to it. You will not see Z0.0 in your collected points unless you are collecting at the actual X0 Y0 point. X0 Y0 point will always be Z0.0.
: Added button to increase distance from material by touchplate thickness to TestTouchplate form.
: Adjusted ClearancePosition process, now ignores some settings for tapOff clearance
: added limits into preferences for touchplate and safeheight
: set conversion for preference items to be off of preference Unit type.
: rolled in conversion routine, to roll preference values from inches to millimeters and back when Default Units is changed.
: eliminated conversion of data saved to files to make the system more accurate and to maintain consistent settings from one Control Panel startup to another.
: added direct output for Aspire
: corrected process to switch between registration forms

: set timeout for internet connections to be 3-6 seconds, as opposed to the default timeframe of 30 seconds.
: added File Association for .tap to be [GCode File (.tap)] in Windows.
: added file transfer to open Control Panel when Direct Output or a .tap file is opened.

: added batch file to update VCarve postprocessor Direct Output file.

: mouse moveover process updated, so mouse moves to Estop on run

: Scan Probe updates... Turned off timer during run and added code to reset system when EStop is pressed
: rearranged a few things to eliminate errors and messages when EStop is pressed.
: added save of settings to cpPref.ini file
: replaced some text boxes with combo boxes that include some settings I tested here... 0.025 steps appears to be very accurate at any velocity. Added combo box keypress process. Adjusted settings... 0.0325 also appears to work well {new default}.

: added feature to reverse A rotation direction to mirror AAxis cut.

: replaced text box with combo box containing 2 standard settings for AAxis steps in the config file.

: setup system to restore last Position and GCode StartingPoint (run Offset) on reconnect when controller is turned off and on during run of control panel.

: Config updates locked down to Control Panel startup, when disconnect reconnects and when config is updated through [Ctrl + G]

: Moved some code, so position and offset would also trigger AAxis coordinates and graphics to display at startup when AAxis is running.
: Set LineAxis EndPoint to always set AAxis to zero (0.0)
: Set waitwindow to reset everytime the window is displayed.

: rolled in some popup hints to help navigate users through common tasks.

: WaitWindow time code changed to .StepBy(1)
: some file name code removed that was resetting when it shouldn't.

: Moved jobtimer, start router and mousecursor over EStop to be the last thing before run.
: Rolled in An autoflip for AAxis... Z and X, and X and Y... it will flip GCode around as needed for any combination of GCode and setup.
: Rolled in an EndPoint adjustment for AAxis... when drawing has negative and positive length included... generated GCode will move code up by the amount of the lowest negative length position, so users won't have to rework their existing drawings.
: set [Commands.PromptToLoadFile := True] when certain changes are made in Preferences to Virtual or AAxis to ensure reload of file on run when changes are made by user in Preferences.

: Changed file load and run process...
1 filename to load is now stored during load process
2 changed start position (Offset) to be safe height at current position set by user, safe height at [set offset] position or generated offset position when AAxis is on.
3 run process loads file to controller after safeheight at current position is set as offset, so users can start from wherever they set the router.

: Added Basic Config for Model 1008 (2-piece controller), adjusted code in whatModelType function and LoadBasicConfig process.

: removed AAxisTouchplateThickness... one touchplate thickness is valid for all calculations.
: Removed touchplateRaiseOnDetect, no longer needed.
: rolled touchplateThickness into setClearancePosition routine. Smarter method rolled in... greater of CurrentHeight or safeheightUp or touchplatethickness + 1/8 of an inch for up movements.
: set up in getOffset routine to go back to start elevation.

: bug in [Detect Touchplate] (getOffset), end position was not defaulted... fixed.

: Announcements.nwa moved into startup folder.

: fixed code blocking Scan Probe button from being clicked.
: removed some unwanted disconnects
: added code to connectAndGetStatus into LoadGCodeFile when loading fails due to a lost connection
: moved check for driver files into connectAndGetStatus, added paths to check so it would be valid
: rolled up configuration updates to ensure configuration is updated when modified without a program close and reopen.
: updated movements for AAxis front/back and right/left movement to include safeheight and to allow EStop
: at end of AAxis run machine now moves back to Offset
: AAxis... more prompt-to-reload-file code integrated with offset and endpoint tapoff to help prompt user during normal use if currently loaded file requires reloading to work correctly. 2015.2/11 More reload-file code added.
: setFeedRateOverride function and procedure added to commands
: reviewed setClearancePosition function and adjusted it to match some of the newer code pushing out a maximum height
: new math added to correct AAxis calculations when some endpoint values = zero
: Messaging updated for collection... Touchplate test screen updated to handle all collection options... extra messages have been removed as they are no longer needed. Collection can be mixed and matched with using the touchplate and not using the touchplate.
: AAxis failure on negatives: resolved. AAxis now works Left-Right when the non-pivot end contains negatives.
: AAxis [Lathe on Top Along X] is work correctly now, and so does flipping XY when you put in a file that has Y coordinates instead of X coordinates and check the flipXY box in preferences
: registration updated, users should be able to register on startup without a restart to the control panel to access newly registered features. Also, added buttons for users to switch between EnterRegKey and Registration forms.
: single replaced with double
: any constant floating values used for comparison assigned type as double.
: this is fast exception handled version with 2013 drivers, has quick hot key handling.
: Hotkeys patched to help prevent drifting. Patched hotkey exit command, so focus won't change on form objects.
: setup for hotkeys moved to formCreate process for Controlpanel and Jogpanel.
[004] (last patch released on 12/30 @ 1:25 p.m. included running both virtual and AAxis sample files)
: Grid Lines patched, now stays with check on resize and disapears when unchecked.
: AAxis file load disabled until Lathe End Points are set. Message added. If end points are not set, AAxis can't generate the correct code, so file load has been disabled until end point collection is completed when AAxis box is checked. Additional check is made for divide by zero error, which can only occur when end points are both set to 0.0, and code was added to move 0.0 values to program value plus offset location.
: Lathe cut depth offset incorporated to allow users to adjust cut depth when cutting on Lathe. Prior release did not contain code to utilize the adjustment set by user in preferences. Default is 0.
: patched message prompt option for using metal carving material as touchplate. message was required for all virtual points.
: Patch to switch back and forth from AAxis to Virtual
: AAxis patch front to back and diagonal setup
: patch for AAxis Left-Right
: added preferences option to flip X and Y when running deck mounted lathe.
: patch for hot key jogging up key events
: set cut depth offset for virtual and AAxis to allow negative numbers
: added redundancy check and status update for file loads to provide customers a more stable gcode load experience.
: added second (2nd) check for virtual setup in Registration. Patched option for making virtual objects visible.
: new preferences option to require a second click to move towards material for [Move to Offset / Move to (0,0,0)]
: patched... crosshairs display movement, GCode highlighting and added code to prevent update of runOffset when new offset matches previous successful offset, added offset redundancy code. Change in offset forces users to reload GCode, so minimizing change in offset minimizes user file load requirements.
: Added/renamed new preferences options for message prompts, prompt for using material as touchplate, lastfile used and multiform docking. Mouse over Hints added to preference checkboxes.
: Removed Virtual Zero [ON/OFF] message prompt. Clicking the Virtual button reloads loaded file as virtual everytime now.
: Added/modified preferences to include CutDepth options for both virtual and AAxis.
: moved hotkeys into preferences module
: added an option to use Pause Hotkeys as Continue when run is paused.
: moved a process into a function that was part of refresh
: modified hotkeys processes to prevent them from accidentally changing the user's jogging setting when jogging with them.
: added more checks in hotkeys to ensure buttons that zero or move can't be pressed through hotkeys when disabled.
: tweaked program sleep pausing, system is optimized for best reaction time for both mouse and hotkeys.
: pushed position refresh into new process with update for pause and continue buttons.
: Rolled back some Refresh and hotkeys processes
: disabled refresh timer. there appeared to be no real benefit.
: Rolled softstop back into exception handling, so pause can be used.
: changed LEDReady and LEDNotReady to TImage objects from BitButton objects to eliminated square border... LEDs are now completely round.
: Removed delete of 1.5 and 2.0 reg files, so users can float back and forth between versions if they choose to. it will still delete corrupt (unreadable) reg files, but not valid ones.
: added safety for AAxis movetooffset, so if offset has not been set it will prompt user to set offset... unless the end points for the lathe are not valid... then a user message will appear.
: Control Panel Registration has been pulled from the installer, because there is no longer a need to restart when registering at startup.
: Registration tweak, moves registration check to better initialize some items. items are now imediately available when registration is completed, so users no longer have to close and reopen.
: Router locations and 4th Axis collected points are now saved, and restored at startup again. The offset is not restored because it previously caused some erratic behavior during testing.
: Added checks to timer process to ensure no refresh is attempted on forms that are closed or unopened.
: snap to image was missing 2 zero (0) values. That has been corrected. It has been tested and works as it did previously, rectangle around min and max cutting locations of material.
: additional code was added to stop movement when new buttons or hotkeys are pressed. To help prevent over travel of router when jogging. Users should be aware that there can be drifting if there is communication interference or a computer hickup when jogging, so it is best to use the slow setting when travelling towards material.
: updated display, centered... provided users the ability to move around their screen layout through drag-n-drop docking... layout goes back to factory setup whenever opened, but this also allows more forms to be open at one time.
: updated registration, all data moved into encrypted file, all registration processes tested thoroughly and revised. Added [save registration file] call to [enter registration key] form.
: updated safeheight process, moves to a maximum of safeheight or highest point currently set... updated to adjust with virtual and 4th Axis settings.
: new checkboxes in preferences: one for adding touchplate thickness to move up for detect touchplate and virtual; and one for turning on step through messages... uncheck boxes to reduce move up height and eliminate one of two messages that popup during virtual and 4th Axis setup.
: updated check for software updates to close application when downloading new software updates. Software must be closed for install to overwrite files.
: [Reset Display] button added in Preferences to resize screen to factory default whenever there is a general control panel display issue.
: Graphic added for 4th Axis Lathe
: Detect Touchplate added for 4th Axis
moves to position above front lathe chuck for tap off, that is pivotPoint. And moves to new offset after collection.
: 4th axis radio buttons now move router above lathe end point of whichever button is clicked. This does not raise to safeheight, just goes straight over at the furthest point from material current vs target location.
: Widened HotKeys boxes
: set default for continue to [Ctrl + U], [Ctrl + C] is the Windows copy command, and continue was overriding it
: Adjusted [A] axis to move after Router in position, at furthest distance from material, this change sped up move back to offset for 4th Axis.
: Added code to set jogVelocity to 100% when moving between virtual points
: Adjusted escape from virtual, added return value of true for successful point collection in setPoint routine
: patched run, so it would work when axis [A] is not set to 0.0
: additional benefit: [move to offset] moves axis [A] to 0.0
: set default step for inches back to [0.1]
: start up at last position was re-incorporated, and adjusted to work correctly whether or not 4th Axis is running on startup.
: Configuration reload of current file fixed, was missing path to file
: 4th Axis was corrected, the update allowing view of 4th axis affected run of 4th axis file, so portions of it had to be removed.
: 3rd revision of virtual
: setup virtual to work with Touchplate or with material
: updated virtual messaging
: eliminated extra prompt that occurred when clicking [Run Virtual Setup], if you click the button now it runs
: initial virtual prompt determines if the touchplate will be used or if the material will be used to complete the touchplate circuit
: escape and moves updated to go straight from up position to new position.
: 2-point hangman style moves incorporated to ensure newbies don't break drill bits
: escape from virtual fixed, so it works at first position.
: revamped preferences save and close process
: added flag variable for saving, allows save without prompt when clicking [OK]
: added preferences window prompt to save on close
: added confirmation window stating whether or not save was successful
: added code to prevent ramping to initial run position
: some recoding of MinMax value collection, collecting Travel and Cut values separately to ensure Image Area feature works correctly and does not affect image sizing on display.
: command added to prevent resize of screen on close
: command added to create 4th Axis GCode form when it is missing
: centered image Y-values between top and bottom of viewer
: improved display to show complete image on screen >96% accuracy. There were 2 4th Axis images that did not display, but the GCode for those images was incorrect.
: Added +/- 10% zoom to account for images that have displayed XY values found at Z=0.0 or on I J GCode lines at the outer edges causing them to be off screen without the zoom.
: Revamped virtual to require users to set top height for all checks prior to running virtual. Also, asks user if touchplate will be used or not, using same process as 4th Axis for tapOff.
: Altered TapOff speed for new controllers, lowered to 5% of actual Max speed.
: fixed return to start position movement that occurs when when user cancels virtual setup to prevent dragging across board or angled movement.
: Put code in [Move to 0,0,0] process to prevent setting offset to 0,0,0 when it already is 0,0,0; so user will not have to reload file to run.
: virtual Snap-To-Image feature complete... will snap to engraving site to allow finer carve detailing... see preferences virtual setting
: virtual patch for borders that are larger than material allows.
: added function to find center
: adjusted tap off function to do touchplate for any axis
: fixed an escape issue in tap off function
: added flag [FourthAxisOffsetIsOnAuto] to flip between manual and startup mode. manually setting offset puts system in manual mode. Checking and unchecking [Enable A Axis] puts system back in auto mode. System starts in Auto mode.
: tweaked the 4th Axis collection popup message to help make it clearer to the user. It is now shorter and more to the point.
: removed rear lathe chuck depth, unused
: adjusted all touchplate collection with a hidden offset to make up for minimal impact and electrical timing... this should work with a minimal setup and a touchplate with a really solid electrical connection.
: added Collection Offset, which adjusts radius of both chucks at the same time to account for flexing and signal timing during Lathe Chuck point collection. Added to allow users to easily increase size of material being cut without modifying program.
: if both ends are off by a specific amount then adjust the 4th Axis Lathe Collection Offset...
ex. if both ends are undersized by 0.125... then add 0.125 to the Lathe Collection Offset
But if both ends are oversized by 0.125... then subtract 0.125 (if you can); or bring to zero and increase radius of both ends by remaining value.
ex. 0.125 over with 0.0125 Lathe Collection Offset... results in 0.1250-0.0125 = 0.1125 for radius increase of both front and back Chuck with 0.0 as Lathe Collection Offset
: fixed 4th Axis visibility to only show up on screen when 4th Axis is checked
: Modified viewer, so it could display a section of the 4th Axis items being cut.
: Fixed issues for 4th Axis mounted sideways...
: [Set Offset] corrected, zeroing removed when offset is being manually set, could have caused depth to be off by touchplate thickness.
: Locked down some fields to only take positive numbers
: Same as 00, except there is no distance offset for x and z values
: this will be closer to center than [1406-00]
: 4th Axis A values added to process
: Has distance offset that will affect x and z values
: this will be further from center than [1406-01]
: Patches 4th Axis, Revamped 4th Axis component, some external code is now internal to process, internally adjusts values of both ends when it needs to zero out system. External code adjusted accordingly. Lathe end collection can now be done in any order.
: Patches 4th Axis using Lathe on Right
: Turning on Virtual now turns off AAxis
: Adjusted process to calculate safeheight, now has 3 settings
: Adjusted movement process, now has 3 settings
: Patches Virtual, Where virtual was going 2x SafeHeight, it now only goes 1x SafeHeight.
: Removes Ramping on moves to Offset and 0,0,0
: Full virtual test completed on 5/29.
: Patches when control panel opens and middle pane is so large that right pane can't be seen... this release will automatically roll Control panel width and middle pane width to factory default when this happens
: removes ramping height of router that occurs when a user cancels out of virtual setup and when setup is complete
: Virtual patched to set material collection size without header information
: virtual and Fourth Axis patched to allow runs when blank lines exist in GCode
: moved code that prevents Fourth Axis setup, so it will work anytime Fourth axis is not running, including runs without virtual.
: fixed hot key process, so it will not affect numeric entry
: included move to max height for virtual setup before lateral moves.
[1405-00] Official Release...
: code added to help prevent nicking of material at touchdown when using virtual zero.
: corrected virtual zero on curves... should run complete on files with I J coordinates, previously run would just stop at I J cutting area.
: Beta preferences that were for testing in development have been hidden.
: corrected run, to ensure Fourth Axis code would not run when 4th axis exists and is not being used. Was causing sporatic travel issues. Danger-Danger Will Robinson.

[1404-21] Beta Release... new build on updated PC
: update to Virtual, ensures correct point is being used for zero-point comparison.
: update to Display, consolidated code, some new graphical anomolies exist in the display,
but will be correct in another release
: update to view Grid, keeps on Grid on display when files are changed, removed extra green lines,
allows for future user-controlled stepping of the grid-lines.
: New preferences features... not all features have been fully tested or implemented.
: New virtual options in preferences... not all features have been fully tested or implemented.

[1404-10] Beta Release
: RoundTo function removed from throughout program... was not working correctly in Dev environment. Inconsistent.
: Position function bullet-proofed, so as not to fail to boot if bad data is placed into preferences file.
: FormattedPosition function updated, spaces removed.
: [PI] used to replace several constants for radial and angular math.
: Double values used as multipliers and divisors to keep system from truncating floats to integers unexpectedly.

: records a router’s position and offset when the system shuts down, so user can start up where they left off.
: records files in preferences when the system shuts down for review when debugging: FileTap and FileTemp.
: Patches a movement function that moves the system to a safe height, a process which was occurring sometimes during movements towards and away from material, wasting production time.
: reduces number of message boxes for the virtual process, leaving just one ‘remove touchplate’ message for the entire process.
: slight modification to the virtual collection movements, improves speed of collection positioning.
: patches an issue from a code consolidation change that caused some movements to be larger than expected.
: adds a verification check to virtual that kills the virtual process when the five points are not updated correctly. Verifies z is correct, given x and y.
: adds toggle between points without borders and recorded positions to allow users an easy visual.
: moves startpoint up .002 (2/1000) to prevent nicks at start points when running.

Program adjusted to allow negatives in float entry locations.
Registration Blocked when Controller is not connected and reading.

Working on 4th Axis (A Axis), more tweaks to preferences.
Regional decimal separator process now returns passed in Default Value When no string exists.

ERR! Formatting was previously changed for the vTemp.tap file, which contained recorded virtual settings. This change was to make the code compatible with alternate Decimal Separators. Error resulted when opening preferences or reusing the virtual settings because of the space. The space has been removed and the virtual settings now read in correctly.

ERR! There is a bug in the NcPod.dll that causes the AAxis to incorrectly read the speed. The workaround was to offset an X or Z value by 1/10,000 (.0001). This allows the dll to correctly set the speed for AAxis work. The system now utilizes a wTemp.tap file for the AAxis work. This file can be viewed in the startup folder. A-Axis is now ready for beta testing.

Scan Steps were modified to save the text and not the index. They data type is now a float (Double).

ERR! Control Panel won't show up after putting in bad registration key...
Solution: WindowsState set to Normal startup if control panel is closed when invisible. Control panel will start up normally if program is terminated causing preferences CPREF.ini to save startup as invisible (WindowsState = 1). Also adds check preventing WindowsState saves when control panel is invisible.

ERR! User Can't set 2.0 as default startup from VCarve ini command line.
Solution: EXE name changed to CNCSharkControlPanel2.exe

4th Axis
[Detect touchplate] updated for tabletop spindle.
[Set Offset] captures current position as offset, and rolls that location into form for manual changes, cancel only cancels manual changes made in form
[Move to Offset] triggers set offset wnen current offset is set to zero on axis of offset
[spindle Radius] set as 2 inches, accounting for 4-inch spindle size
[jog buttons] now change as settings are changed in preferences form
[Ctrl+G] save of settings and load of defaults trigger a reload of gCode

[Previous Updates]
new functions added for cut images
drawing is 100% relative to x and y coordinates.
x and y crosshairs now follow drawing exactly as work is being cut.
Flickering of drawing eliminated

[Initial Release]
Display added for viewing GCode image as it will be cut


changes since 1.5/bug fixes for the initial release:

Detect Touchplate change: allows user to reZero Virtual-Z from any point.

GCode converter updated to generate a virtual-Z file

Hot Keys Layout updated.

inches/millimeters setting now in [File] [Preferences] [General] tab.

math added for Virtual-Z operations

point collection added for virtual-Z operations, collects five points from cutting area

Scan: default adjusted automatically for unit type (inches/millimeters)

Scan: override added to reduce velocity to max when it is over the limit.

Visual display - will autosize for inches and millimeter display

Visual display - will do curves
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Re: Control Panel v2.1 Build 25f Virtual Zero

Postby monitoringpost » Sun Apr 02, 2017 12:11 pm

You'll notice that the build # only goes up to 17 for what you posted. Mine goes to 23 with a planned update section on top. Checking for updates on mine still reports that Build 22 is whats available even though I'm on Build 23. I checked the properties of the most recent download and it shows 25f but I haven't installed it. What other *new* features do you see. Any change to the GUI?

Thanks again

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Re: Control Panel v2.1 Build 25f Virtual Zero

Postby TKWoodCrafts » Sun Apr 02, 2017 6:04 pm

Here is the rest of the View Release Notes and post:

I don't really see much difference form Build 22

Not sure what GUI is?

[xx] planned update
: CommandStack... line added to reconnect to controller after disconnect, so system can break out of loop resulting from disconnect. requires more testing to determine if there is a way to reconnect without losing settings for current drivers.
: ? possibly more color settings for the display

[26] : Revised Virtual process. Only uses borders on X or Y axis if borders are less than 15% of span size. No longer relies on Zero point for processing. Processes exact image with or without borders. New process for checking prior virtual points, so collected points can be reused more accurately.

: Registration : Added values stored to customer file so it can replace regSave files. Customer.nwa is encrypted so there is more security for clients and partners. Also, created basis for new import-export feature.. great for clients and partners using multiple computers, CNC's or more than one Next Wave software product.

: Pause patch for the updated commandStack.
: E-Stop patch for the udpated commandStack.
: Program version added to main form and about form captions.
: Adjustment to only import items for current controller.

[25] : 1 Registration update, once registered, registration will not lock a user out.. but will present nag message when a feature or software has expired. User can still only run software while connected to a CNC.
2 update to moveAwayFromMaterial.. now works like CNC 3.0, automoves touchplate thickness, little by little, till user exits process.

24d : Piranha Controller and comport removed from project.

: CNC Serial and Model stored at connection time, is now the source for configuration on reconnects.

: new 2090 firmware has been added for Win10. We are undecided if 2083 or 2090 is better with the original drivers. However, 2090 will support more commands.

: tweaks made to handleEvents module to provide a better user experience.

: created new threaded module for processing messages and events, and rolled it in to eliminate potential hangs

: fixed Divide by Zero display error : users can use Vectric Keyhole tool again.
: new exe compile in Delphi 10.1 Berlin. Should be better for Windows 10 users.

: Removed and replaced forms messaging files for Windows 10 compatibility.

: Runaway jog corrected, pause on run running using exception handling, all other pause and stops using flag to trigger stop during loop, jogging handles beautifully
: Virtual and 4th Axis correction made to prevent Router from going down after moving into position
: Detect Touchplate / Get Points process updated to allow jogging toward material and moving away from material
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Re: Control Panel v2.1 Build 25f Virtual Zero

Postby Rando » Sun Apr 02, 2017 7:55 pm

Thanks for the posts; hopefully there's enough information for them to figure it out.

I noticed buried in the last one something of a question: GUI stands for "Graphical User Interface"; it's the windows and buttons and panels and entry-boxes that make up the part of the program (e.g., the control panel program) that you see on the computer screen :D. They coined the term to compare to the ancient text-only command-line style user interfaces.


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Re: Control Panel v2.1 Build 25f Virtual Zero

Postby monitoringpost » Sun Apr 02, 2017 8:39 pm

TKWoodCrafts wrote:[26] : Revised Virtual process. Only uses borders on X or Y axis if borders are less than 15% of span size.

Could this be your issue. I read this to mean that if the border you enter is less than 15% of the material's span its ignored and virtual zero just resorts to material edge? Was the 1 inch border you entered less than 15% of the material's span?

I was hoping that there might of been some improvements to the GUI as NWA has talked about this for some time - over a year!

Also, I see no mention of a bug that I've worked with them in the past on the 4th axis. :(

Anyways, post the results of your conversation tomorrow with them. After 5+ years I've become cautious with their new releases as they've often contained bugs and as much as I want the latest I'm prepared to be patient now! Your the only one that I've read that has 25f installed so I appreciate your feedback.


Edit: Removed math example. I didn't fail at math but clearly the example I posted was incorrect. :oops:
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Re: Control Panel v2.1 Build 25f Virtual Zero

Postby TKWoodCrafts » Mon Apr 03, 2017 12:28 pm

Here is an update:
Not heard from Nextwave yet. Not sure what this is - Revised Virtual process. Only uses borders on X or Y axis if borders are less than 15% of span size.

Ran some tests this morning.
I have two Sharks.

On the Shark with the Build 25f material offset set to 1
Material size is 19" wide by 9" High Start point is center of material. When I run virtual Zone router moves to bottom left to these coordinates.

if material offset set to 0
this is off the material corner

On the other Shark with same TAP file
Build 22 material offset set to 1

Then tried a board that is 18" wide x 7" high set at material offset set to 1 on Build 25f and got
On the other Shark with same TAP file
Build 22 material offset set to 1

Next test was 11 wide x 14 high material offset set to 1 on Build 25f and got
This one is correct. ????????????

Not sure what is all going on, but I'm sending this information to Nextwave also. Will update when I hear back from them.
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Re: Control Panel v2.1 Build 25f Virtual Zero

Postby Rando » Mon Apr 03, 2017 1:03 pm

Right or wrong, that's WAY more difficult to get right than it should be. Thanks again for the thorough analysis!
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Re: Control Panel v2.1 Build 25f Virtual Zero

Postby TKWoodCrafts » Wed Apr 05, 2017 2:57 pm

Still not heard for Nextwave

I made a short YouTube video of the problem I'm have with the new CNC Shark Build 25f.
Here is the link. Sorry not real good at videos. Hopefully the link works.

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