Piranha FX Dust Boot diagram needed

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Piranha FX Dust Boot diagram needed

Postby NL7U » Thu May 11, 2017 3:01 pm

I have a Piranha FX that I make small plaques for give aways. The dust boot that I purchased from Next Wave mounts just fine but I am not satisfied with. I want to attempt to cut a new one (top half only) from plywood that would locate the vacuum port to the side instead of directly towards me when facing the machine. This new mounting would allow me to view the bits more readily. I have tried to take measurements from the boot itself, but my tired old brain (all 73 years of it) refuses to accuratley put the diagram on paper. Is there someone out there that has already made a diagram, either top or dust boot side that I can "borrow" to make a new one? I plan on using hard drive magnets for securing the boot to the new mount. Thanks.
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