X Axis has a mind of its own

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X Axis has a mind of its own

Postby Rae5813 » Tue Dec 19, 2017 6:57 am

Recently I started having issues where it appears my zero is being reset mid-way thru the project. I'll start, everything runs good for awhile and then bam, it starts overlapping or running off the material. No sounds or warning, you'll just see it move to an already carved location, and carve a different part of the design. When I emergency stop it returns to a 0,0,0 point about 4 inches right of the actual starting point (Y & Z seem fine). Any suggestions? I'm at a loss here and of course the busiest time of the year. :roll:

I've had my Shark 2 years. During which :
    I've replaced SD card 4 times,
    I grounded the controller and have it on a rubber mat now,
    Had to stop using virtual zero since my machine would take off,
    Several issues with my computer not finding the controller,
    My machine sometimes re-carves the last design even with the new design showing on the screen as loaded,
    Disabled emergency stop on the controller since my machine wouldn't turn on at one point.

It's been fun to say the least.
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Re: X Axis has a mind of its own

Postby sk8nmike » Tue Dec 19, 2017 8:10 am

manually run the shark through all axis to the limits and look for it sticking.. chips can sometimes hang in the threads and cause problems
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Re: X Axis has a mind of its own

Postby dvaskie127 » Thu Dec 28, 2017 4:54 pm

Does this happen on all files or just certain ones? If it happens only on a specific file maybe upload the file for evaluation.
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