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CAMWorks Post Processor

Postby cbaldwin » Wed May 09, 2018 5:38 pm

Just bought a CNC Shark only to find that none of our CAMworks post processors work. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to find a Post for CAMworks?
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Re: CAMWorks Post Processor

Postby Rando » Thu May 10, 2018 2:54 am

A Generic GCODE-output usually works pretty well. Some things you'll need to turn off:

  • no line numbers
  • don't use + in field values (Z+5.0 can crash the controller)
  • the controllers CAN do 3D helical interpolation
  • Do NOT use the M06 tool change commands unless you want a Pause/Continue in your process...that won't actually let you change the bit unless they're set precisely at the same height.
  • M03/M05 turn the router on and off
  • have only one M02 at the end
  • it can't handle more than one toolpath in a single file, because of the only-one M02 restriction
  • all caps in the names
  • it can do 3 digits of actual resolution (the HDs can), so I typically give it 4.
  • Comments use the # at the start.
  • The controller technically *can* handle inline comments, but I avoid them just for my own paranoia
  • I'm almost certain that the controllers CANNOT handle incremental positioning mode.
  • Inch or metric is fine
  • basic drill pecking is supported, but the newer pecking and tapping cycles are not there
  • Spindle speed commands do not control the outputs :(
  • There are no other hardware outputs, so none of the flood or other coolant controls do anything
  • remember that just because you put it in the GCODE, if you don't have the required licenses, it may not work. Think 4th axis, etc.
  • Theoretically it can do "probing" of some form, but I've seen no references as to the expected GCODE. It might be a DLL-based API that not exposed in GCODE, but who knows
  • Remember that it DOES support interpolation control (versus exact-stop mode) and you can set the tolerance

Other than that, it's a very generic post processor...and I think those are a lot of things that MAKE IT a generic one.

Most CAM systems have a post processor selection for a generic 3-axis GCODE mill.

Hope that helps


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