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Postby Ivanho » Sun Jun 17, 2018 9:01 pm

I have a shark hd4. I use the cnc shark arc usb. I noticed there is a cnc shark contour usb and a cnc shark 3d. I there any reason to use the latter two. Probably a dumb question since my machine works great.
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Re: Post processors

Postby jeb2cav » Mon Jun 18, 2018 5:28 pm

NWA has not updated their post processor doc from 2011 - however:

There are now 2 post processors available for use with no modification, each having an inch and
millimeter mode:
- CNCShark-USB_3dContour_
- CNCShark-USB_NewArcs_
The difference between the 2 is the Set Path Control Mode G64 Px.x (Continuous Mode Best Possible
Speed with Motion Blending Tolerance) setting. The ‘Contour’ inches post processor uses G64 P0.1
(2.54 mm), and the ‘NewArcs’ inches uses G64 P0.01 (0.254 mm). Previous versions of the CNC Shark
Post Processor inches used G64 P0.1.
The G64 Px.x is a way to fine tune the Shark system “for best compromise between speed and accuracy.
The Px.x tolerance means that the actual path will be no more than Px.x away from the programmed
endpoint. The velocity will be reduced if needed to maintain the path within the tolerance. In
continuous mode, sharp corners of the path may be rounded slightly so that the feed rate may be kept
up (but by no more than the tolerance).”

For toolpaths involving pockets, corners and lettering, using the CNCShark-USB_NewArcs_ post
processor is recommended as a starting point. For toolpaths involving 3D components, or where a
faster machining still provides results that meet your requirements, the CNCShark-USB_3dContour_ post
processor is recommended as a starting point.

I believe the cnc shark 3d is for use with 4th axis projects.
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