Sharpen Your Own Router Bits

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Sharpen Your Own Router Bits

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While looking through Youtube about things I find interesting, I ran across this about sharpening router bits. The better router bits are expensive and they get dull also.

After watching this video, I purchased some of the stuff recommended and it works!! There may be other ways of doing this but for the little amount of money invested in this method, I was surprised.

sharpen your own router bits

This other guy goes one step farther for bits that developed nicks (I don't have nicks in my bits). After building a jig to restore a nicked bit, he finishes up with the same method as the first (must have merit).

Homemade Router Bits Sharpening Jig

I did an advance search on sharpening router bits on this forum and didn't find any of this information. So, I wanted to share and also ask if there are better ways to sharpen our bits?

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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