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Constant home position

Post by chessnut »

Does anyone know of a way to establish a permanent x,y home postion on a Shark HD4 with pendant? I've been trying to figure out if you can set the x,y to a constant coordinate so that even you've powered the machine off, you can power up and have the router return to the same position. Or another use would be if you normally set your datum postition in Vcarve to the lower left corner, then have to change it to the center for a job. When you mark the workpiece in the center, and move the router to that center point and zero the x,y, and z, then the default x,y becomes the center of the workpiece. I would like to be able to return to a specified position in the lower left corner after that job so the x,y will be in the lower left corner when I start another job. Or, have a home button that would send the router to a default position. I haven't been able to find a comprensive guide to the various options available when you tap the "Apps" button on the pendant. Some cnc's have the "home" capability. Any ideas?

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Re: Constant home position

Post by Kayvon »

I think limit switches are the biggest missing features on Sharks. Not only can they prevent the machines from trying to tear themselves apart, but they would provide a constant home position, even between power-ups. Start a project today, finish it next week.

Sadly, I don't have an answer to your question, but I feel the pain.

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