X- Axis losing counts

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Brad Leaney
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X- Axis losing counts

Post by Brad Leaney »

I am trying to make a small oval plaque. I am using V-Carve Pro. When I run the simulation everything looks good.
I originally had two tool paths. One for a V-Bit and the other for an end mill. The oval cuts using the V-Bit worked well. However, the other tool paths seemed to be shifted about 1.5 inches low in the X axis. For example it should have begun the cut around X-3.0 and it started cutting at X-1.5. The Y axis seems to be fine.

My first problem solving idea was to reformat the USB flash drive. I recalculated all tool paths and saved them directly to the flash drive (Individually). I ran the simulation and everything still looked good.

I installed the flash drive into my Shark. I then zero'ed the home position and tried to run my first file. It was an oval which looked great. The machine returned to the home position and I did verify that it was indeed X-0 and Y-0. I ran a different oval and it too looked great. I checked the home position again and all was good. I tried a third file and it started cutting 1.5" roughly too low in the X axis. I stopped the machine and returned it to the home position. However this time it hit the X stop with still about 1.5" to go. Only two of my eight files cut in the correct place.

I have checked with a scale and using the jog button the machine travels the correct distance it says it does.

I am a bit confused.
Any ideas would be appreciated.

Thank you

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Re: X- Axis losing counts

Post by Bob »


How big is that end mill?
How deep are you trying to cut in each pass?

It sounds like you are trying to cut too much in one pass. This can cause a loss of steps, and put the bit in the wrong position.

It would also help if you would post your crv file. And, pictures of the cut.


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