Spindle maintenance

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Spindle maintenance

Post by JTA_AUSTEX »

New user here w/ an HD5 bundled w/ spindle. My question(s) are about what you guys do about spindle maintenance. I'm running distilled water as a coolant but as winter is coming I am thinking about adding a little antifreeze. I live down south so hard freezes are not a problem, but as I don't use the machine daily I'm also worried about whether I should blow the coolant out of the spindle if I'm not using it for a while (it's in an unheated shop). That leads me to a question about sources for fittings (e.g., a t-junction with a cap) that I could add to allow me to blow compressed air through the line. A lot to unpack there but 1) what do other folks do to maintain the spindle? 2) what, if anything, do you use for antifreeze; 3) do you blow out the spindle coolant when the machine won't be used for a while; and 4) does anyone have a recommendation about a vendor that has a good supply of fittings for the tubing? I had to heat my tubing to get it over the plastic fittings on the pump and the flow meter I added (because I'm naturally paranoid), so those aren't coming off any time soon--hence the interest in a "cappable" t-fitting.
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Re: Spindle maintenance

Post by SteveM »

I have used RV Antifreeze for coolant for 3 years now. I get the pink color stuff at my local big box store. I changed it this year just because, but it was still pink and didn't look dirty at all. I don't dilute it. Use it full strength!
I live in Wisconsin, so it does get cold, but I heat my shop and keep the temp about 48-52 degrees during the winter. Then when I go in to work, I'll turn up the heat to about 64. I use a combo of electric and propane heat.

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