Laser Problems

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Bill Bulloch
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Laser Problems

Post by Bill Bulloch »

I got the 7 Watt Laser for Christmas and am running it on my HD 520. I am real pleased with it when burning text and pictures in wood, but cannot get it to burn painted tile like I see them doing on YouTube. For a test, I painted a tile Red, then Black on top of that. I then burned little squares with different degrees of power from 8 degrees to 25 degrees using “VCarve Laser Cut and Fill feature”. 18 degrees of power at 40 IPM looked like what I wanted; it took off the layer of black paint exposing the Red just right. However, when I tried the 18 degree power, 40 IPM speed on a photo using the “VCarve Laser Picture feature”, it didn’t remove any of the Black Paint at all. I have subsequently tried various speeds and powers without success. Can anyone help me figure this thing out?

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Re: Laser Problems

Post by Kayvon »

Not sure if it'll help, but here's someone trying a similar idea with a 5.5W laser:

I think he's using a can of Rustoleum gloss white spray paint. Looks like something I need to play around with!

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