Router bit drags in Z slightly

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Router bit drags in Z slightly

Post by NL7U »

I am experiencing a new problem after several years of Shark HD4 ownership. I set the coordinates X,Y,Z as I have always done. For the past 2 projects the tool will drag (in Z) a bit making a mark in the wood. It is only a couple of thou's deep, but it pisses me off. I can use the Z setting block, or a piece of paper, getting the same results. I can sand it clear, but it should not do this. I do not know how to code. I am including the file that this is happening on.

Thanks for looking at my problem.
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Re: Router bit drags in Z slightly

Post by DVWoodworker »

The Z Gap above material is set too low. In the material setup you show a clearance of .001 inch, that is too low. Instead of the bit raising up and moving to the next position then plunging to cut, it will drag across the surface of the material. You should set this to at least .2 inches to avoid that in the future. Setting to .2 will also help to avoid any clamping in the tool's path and help prevent bit damages.

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