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Another Trivet

Postby bill z » Mon Feb 06, 2017 1:58 pm

Recently I bought a band saw and a great re-saw blade for it. For some 20 plus years I have had a rough cut 2 X 4 red oak board just laying around where every once in a while, I would move it out of the way and think that I should make something out of it.

With the re-saw capabilities, I was able to re-saw a foot of it into several ¼ inch thick pieces. Didn’t take much sanding and they were real pretty.

This weekend, while waiting on the Super Bowl, I drew up a folding trivet that I have seen around in a neighbor’s house that my wife commented on. What my wife loves about this trivet is that is stores away real nice and doesn’t take up much space but can accommodate a 10 inch pan.

I didn’t include any love messages that I carved in some of the pieces for her to remember me by. You can do that part on your own.

Sanding was done using both a bench top belt sander and an orbital sander clamped into my vice using 220 grit.

So, I wanted to share my DXF file and some pictures of the finished trivet. The spacing in the DXF between the pieces is 1/6 of an inch. I like my 1/6" single flute end mill, so I do a bunch with it.

8 inchFoldingTrivet.dxf
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Folding Trivet
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