another simple LCD mount

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another simple LCD mount

Postby Rando » Tue Nov 21, 2017 10:03 pm


In my CNC area, I like to have a "mirrored" second LCD screen, with a built-in touch sensing, right over near the CNC machine. And, in addition to various engineering, I also do a lot of "technical photography". Basically, people won't sit still long enough, so I'm relegated to taking pictures of "stuff".

In both those cases, I needed a very simple mount plate to convert from the LCD's VESA-75 (75mm square) mount hole pattern, to the kind of "mounting plate" that I use with my tripods, cameras and other grip equipment. I use the Manfrotto RC-4 plate, which isn't special among mount plates, it's just what I use.

In any event, it took all of about 1/2 an hour from the initial sketch being done to starting cutting the two VERY SIMPLE aluminum plates. It's just a piece of 4" wide x 1/8" thick 6061 aluminum extruded bar. Luckily, the bowing of the bar wasn't too bad in this case.

A **very** simple design, with 3 mounting positions for the mount plate.

Back view of the LCD using the plate and all that yummy grip equipment.

The LCD mounts in place.

The "excess" holes in the plate are to allow three different vertical-adjustment locations. The system is still a bit under construction, which is why there's a tool-cart and other things about and around. When I need to stand and do some typing, I typically use the larger screen against the wall. But, when doing things like touch-off, I like having a touch-screen right there close-at-hand.


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