Rubber and Plastic shelf bottle retaining system

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Rubber and Plastic shelf bottle retaining system

Postby Rando » Thu Mar 08, 2018 9:31 pm


Yes, it's another only-tangentially related project out of Club Rando ;) .

I have a garage like many, and a bunch of carts on wheels that carry "stuff", like construction tools and bike tools and cnc tools. On top of one of those carts--mind you, intended to be moved around, are about 20 tall bottles and cans of oils, paints, solvents, the same things that seem to gether in all our garages. Problem is, all those cans and bottles like to fall over when I give a might shove to the cart. No, in the kitchen, I have a shelf, about 3 feet long, that is FILLED with my various spray-paints and acrylic coatings, epoxies, and so on. And while the shelf they're on doesn't move, getting one can out can knock a good portion of the others over, and getting to one in the back can make all the others fall off.

What's a geek like me to do?

I designed a 3D-printed section-adjustable system of rubber retaining partitions. Using Fusion360, of course. I 3D printed the rubber parts out of Shore-A 85 black and clear "NinjaFlex", and the rigid pieces were 3D printed in yellow HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene). They work AWESOME! They flex enough to get the cans out, but won't let anything out. You can land a drill on the in-place system and it doesn't flex enough to let the cans and bottles out. It has way more open than closed space, so you can see the labels behind. Indeed, when held in front of you, the rubber pieces are individually self-supporting from any edge. And, you can even create a 2D sectioning using the various pieces.

2017-021-008 Shelf Retention System Overall System Depiction v1.01.011 img1.png
The system as seen in Fusion. Well, most of it anyway.

On the tools walkaround cart

Even the drill can't make them fall out!

I might post the design up to ThingiVerse, but if anyone's interested (and has the 3D printer that can print rubber), let me know :)

Cheers and best regards,

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Re: Rubber and Plastic shelf bottle retaining system

Postby bill z » Sun Apr 01, 2018 7:06 am

I like your creativity Thom.

Great job.

Thanks for sharing.
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