Rotary axis

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Rotary axis

Postby fasteddie » Fri Nov 15, 2013 12:39 pm

I was wondering if anyone knows when the Rotary axis will be available?
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Re: Rotary axis

Postby studio-n » Sun Nov 23, 2014 2:23 pm

if it is anything like the Piranha, it's going to be about the time the temperature drops below 32 degrees in hades.
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Re: Rotary axis

Postby skiles » Fri Jan 09, 2015 9:49 pm

fasteddie wrote:I was wondering if anyone knows when the Rotary axis will be available?

I can tell you now how to build a rotary axis. you need a stepper motor with a planetary gearbox ratio of 7:1 fitted with a driving mechanism. From there you use that as a drive for a turning center, with a tail-stock at the rear end. In your mach 3 you set your A Axis as slave to the x axis. I would also suggest you set your router or spindle to a rate of not more than 250 ipm, at the outer rim of the cutter. If you are interested, I can give you more information.
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Re: Rotary axis

Postby DaleVang » Wed Jun 24, 2015 9:36 pm

Next Wave Automation has the 4th (rotary) axis available now. I have had one for about a month now.
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