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Re: Home X & Y Axes

Postby Outlaw5852 » Thu Jul 20, 2017 3:08 am

I just want to re-enforce the topic. Home X & Y Axes under the apps button on the shark HD4. I have tried it and I still don't know what it does?
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Re: Home X & Y Axes

Postby sharkcutup » Thu Jul 20, 2017 7:23 am

Do not have or have access to so called machine or pendant so I cannot help, Sorry!

Have you tried contacting Next Wave Support for an answer?

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Re: Home X & Y Axes

Postby SteveM » Thu Jul 20, 2017 12:12 pm

Home X & Y is what you set.
You set the X & Y home position on the piece you are cutting. Then the next piece you clamp down will cut exactly the same.
You have to make sure you clamp each piece in the exact same position, otherwise your cut will not mill correctly.
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Re: Home X & Y Axes

Postby sharkcutup » Fri Jul 21, 2017 7:20 am

I'll try this again - maybe it will help :-)

Of course this information is from and for the HD3 version of the Shark

XY Datum Position

This datum can be set at any corner, or the middle of the job. This represents the location, relative to your design, that
will match the machine tool when it is positioned at X0, Y0.

Think of it like this:

Your Design (V-Carve G-code Data File) and the machine (Control Panel Software) carving start positions (X, Y, Z) must match in order to produce
an acceptable product.

After clamping down your material this is achieved by jogging each axis X, Y, Z, to the same XY Datum (5 positions to choose from - center or
the four corners) ZERO POSITION and Z POSITION (top or bottom of material) as set in your V-Carve design.


(V-Carve Software) --- I have a design where I want to carve a 6" by 6" square in a 12" x 12" Material Board. In my Material setup I
have the Z Zero Position set to the top of the material and the XY Datum set to the center.

(At the machine) --- I have my 12" x 12" material board clamped down to the center of the machine table bed. Before I clamped the material board down I located
the center of the material board and marked it. I now know where to set my machine XY Datum ZERO Position and the Z ZERO Position in same relations to my V-Carve design.
I first jog the machine X and Y axis to the marked center of the material board once there I click the appropriate X and Y buttons at the control panel
software which changes the numbers noted there to ZERO. I then gradually lower the bit to the material with piece of paper between bit and
material until the bit just touches the paper and it can move freely between the bit and material. I then click the appropriate Z button at
the control panel software which then changes the numbers there to ZERO.

The Machine X,Y,Z Zero now matches my design software g-code file X,Y,Z Zero. They are now identical and should produce an acceptable product.

The Home/Start Position

This is the absolute position that the tool will start moving from and where the tool can be programmed to return to at the end of cutting the

Think of it like this:

This is where you want to have your spindle/router at the beginning of a project, return to this position at the end of the carving operation and
any bit changes during the project.

Hope this Helps! :)

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