New Setup and dust collection

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New Setup and dust collection

Postby NewAgent45 » Sun Feb 11, 2018 5:31 pm

We are fully retired now and completely in hobby mode. We are in the process of moving to a new home and just moved our CNC Shark. We have slightly more room in our new garage and built a larger work bench. As you can see in the attached picture, the new bench includes space for the CNC machine. This time we are routing the cables through the table and mounting the controller under the front edge of the bench providing easy access the the E-stop button.

New CNC Shark setup.jpg
New Setup

We are working on improved dust collection with a "shark tank" concept as follows. This time we will anti-up and get a Jet Vortex Dust Collector with canister filter ( ... -1100vx-ck ) I will route all the cables and vacuum hoses through the bench allowing for the "shark tank" to be lowered over the entire machine and seal using a soft seal to the bench top We intend to place holes in the tank with adjustable openings. Not sure where we will place the openings yet. We would have one vacuum connection for collection just behind the machine. In addition we would route a second vacuum hose through the bench behind the machine and connect this to the dust boot. I will probably discard the NWA dust boot and get the Kent. I have seen many posts recommending the Kent.

I have plenty of overhead space and plan on a simple pulley and counterweight arrangement to raise and lower the tank. The tank would be a simple wood frame with Acrylic Panels. I would also have access panels to allow for bit changes and quick adjustments. I think I should have access panels in the front and back of the tank to allow for tiling.

Any other ideas you on dust collection you can offer is welcomed.

Have a great day!

... Rod
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