Shark HD3 Troubleshooting

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Shark HD3 Troubleshooting

Post by NavyLDO »

Hello! I have an HD3 that hasn't been used in 2 years. I got it all set up again and wanted to test the Z, Y, and X movement. When I start the controller software, it tells me to plug in the USB and turn on the power for the controller. Both are done and getting no where. I've updated the software to V1.6 and still the same issue. I notice that two of the three lights, to the left are blinking.

What's going on here?

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Re: Shark HD3 Troubleshooting

Post by Kayvon »

Blue is powered up indicator. It should be on the entire time the system is up.
Yellow is established communication. It should be on while the control panel is connected.
Red is transmission of data from PC to controller. It lights up only briefly while data is communicated.

It's pretty common for the USB cable to have a shoddy signal. Try replacing it with a new cable and see if that fixes everything.

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