Controller not following G Code?

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Re: Controller not following G Code?

Post by rungemach »

Hello Rich

the cost of my x axis bearing conversion was about 170.00 for the bearings and rods, about 40.00 for aluminum plate , and 20.00 or so for hardware.
Plastics like hdpe might work for the z axis parts, but I did them in aluminum for strength, and I wanted to save my original plastic parts.
This change helped the z axis quite a bit and did improve the z as well.

I have the Autocad and Vectric files for both an aluminum version and for a plastic version.
Just PM me if you want them, I will be happy to try and help if I can.


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Re: Controller not following G Code?

Post by kevinp »

Realize this is a VERY old thread, but BOB, do you still have the DXF files for the aluminum z skeleton for the Shark Pro (offered up in your post a couple above this one). I've tried PM'ing you, but PM'ing appears to be disabled for new users.

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Re: Controller not following G Code?

Post by Bestort1 »

xclimberx wrote:
Wed Feb 15, 2012 6:44 pm
Hi Rungemach,

WOW! That is exactly what I am battleing. I''ve been taking small shallow cuts. It helps but the weakness of the Y axis bearinig rods is what I struggle with. I'm going to have to work on the dust shoe some to reduce the bristles or see if I can get a smaller bristle diameter to put into the dust shoe. Running without a shoe is really messy. I'm not in for the mod to the Y axis at this time. It seems you've found your solution. I may contact you in the future about the files to make this mod.

Just out of couriosity, what did hardware for the mod cost? Do you think the skeleton for the Z could be machined out of the same plastic the Shark is made of?

How much will it cost? :)
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Re: Controller not following G Code?

Post by Rando »

I dunno if they answer, what with that being EIGHT YEARS ago, but I'm making one of these TODAY for someone. Initial price for him was $800, but that's because it's literally article #2, which means I've been tightening up the production process.
A CAD view from Fusion360.
A CAD view from Fusion360.
Original Mega Mouth Upgrade, Apex Edition, with maximum gantry step-over for use with machining vises.
Original Mega Mouth Upgrade, Apex Edition, with maximum gantry step-over for use with machining vises.
I'm getting an order of magnitude more material removal per minute, and actual mirror finishes machining Al-6061.
shiny bits from my shark.
shiny bits from my shark.
Dunno what they did then, but I'm doing it now.

But hey...go ahead. Mine only took 320 individual toolpaths, condensed into 75 operations across ten parts and over 70 tapped holes, but can do it for cheap I'm sure it's really easy. Oh...did I mention that mine trams using bolts that move in slots? Heck, I'll even send you a link to the Fusion design so you can see for yourself. It only took me three months to design and implement and put into service the first time. This second one about a month, due to the productization process. You know...installation instructions, little things like that.

Mega Mouth Upgrade, coming to some old HD2s soon....maybe.

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