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Holders for other routers


I thought I saw at one of the web sites a holder for the Porter Cable 890 for the Shark Pro Plus but A call to Rockler indicated it was not available yet. My colt is working but I found that it gets hot at the collet and have found cutters dropping slightly making my work at times useless. I have replaced the front bearing in the colt already due to heat destruction. I think this little router is not suitable in the long run for constant use on this machine and this is why I thought the PC 890 would be a more suitable tool. Anyuone else have this problem with the colt.

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Re: Holders for other routers

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A clamp for the CNC Shark machines to secure Dewalt 611 and Porter Cable 450 1.25 HP routers is available directly from Next Wave Automation - http://shop.nextwaveautomation.com/shop ... px?catid=2.

I've not experienced any bearing problems with the 2 colts and DeWalt 611 that I've been using. I am using the PreciseBit collet for the Colt. Hopefully they will have the collet for the DeWalt soon. I bought the second colt from a big box store and purchased the extended warranty for $10 I think. I've used it once where the Colt just died after 30 hours or so. The other two have had at least 2 brush replacements (120-130 hours is my experience), and still running strong. Slow go in hard woods of course, but the jobs I typically run are 2-6 hours per.

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Re: Holders for other routers

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I had a mess of wires and cables behind on my desk and needed to organize. These cable clips https://www.amazon.com/Cable-Clips-Mana ... B01H0CEDQCwork just as described and are SUPER EASY to use.

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