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Re: No Power to Control Box

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Well I blew my second fuse that the Router power cord plugs into. The fuse is in the slot that you plug the cord in that is in the back of the Shark CNC control Box. After going to 2 retail and 5 wholesale electric supplies I found 4 fuses.

I only blow the fuse if I over load the router. One time it was cutting too fast with a 3/4" router bit cutting out a pocket and today I was making a wooden nickel of sorts and it popped up on it's edge and wedged itself between the stock and the router collet locking in hard (I know tabs right....). I have cut out over a hundred of these Ranger Coins (wooden nickel) and this was the first time for it. If this happens very often I may need to get the relay or put a breaker on it.

It doesn't take long to fix but it took me 2 hours to run down a local fuse. I really like my shark and have made over 120 projects with it and learn more and more each day using it.

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