virtual zero error- fix

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virtual zero error- fix

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My shark is over 4 yrs old. Finally the Virtual zero did not recognize touching the bit before you start the 5 point reference. I could wiggle the aluminum base and get the green successful message. But not repeatedly - figured the small wire to magnet was not making contact thru wire casing..... removed it and used piece of paper to set Z and continued.
I took cable harness to work and had them take off all heat shrink and checked for bad connections.
Diagnose was the recoiled -twisted cable had twice the resistance as the small magnet wire did = 1.06 vs .03.
We used a reg red and white coax cable with radio jack at the end. Cut off the white and reds ends. Used the shielding from both twisted together for the jack that goes in to the aluminum block and the red and white wires together to the magnet. Soldered all and shrink wrapped. Worked like new again. I will post a pic later... did not take one of it.

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