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Re: Very disappointed!

Postby Luciad06 » Mon Mar 11, 2019 2:23 am

sharkcutup wrote:I have the same battle scar on my table top too! The same thing happen to me in the early stages (last March) of learning my CNC Shark HD3 Pro. Router Bit (.25" x 3" long x 1" cut depth) plunged down through 3/4" MDF and into aluminum table top. I was alert standing by and shut down the power before any real damage occurred to the CNC Shark.

In my particular instance it was operator error in not understanding certain aspects of the CNC operation mutuelles TNS! After investigating and reviewing everything I found that my CNC Shark was doing exactly what it was told to do via the V-Carve Pro program I had provided it with. I had the incorrect settings set for depth on the second phase (a pocket) in my program.

So do not feel alone in your disappointment!!!

I also have some battle scars (operator error again not allowing for proper clearance) on some of my clamps which just happened to be in the way!!!

Hope this helps you in knowing that you are not alone!!!

Have a GREAT DAY!!! :)

Be SAFE around those AWESOME machines!!! ;)


If you feel so lost, just go to youtube and type in tutorial because I'm sure you care, he can solve it.
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