Work Bench/Table for Shark HD4 Extended Bed

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Re: Work Bench/Table for Shark HD4 Extended Bed

Postby bill z » Fri Mar 08, 2019 8:28 am

About your computer enclosure: The fans for computers run only a few dollars each. Two 4" 5 volt fans should do what you want to do. build a box using the two fans, point them where they blow out. On the other side of the box, put the smallest and cheapest air conditioner filter you can find. Design the box around these and your computer. To turn your computer on, design a dowel pin to align up with the on button of your Dell. The fans could be powered with the USB voltage and would come on when you turn on your computer using the dowel.

I use a separate computer to draw up my designs from what I use on my Shark. This way, I don't loose it all if something goes wrong. I could network them together but USB Net works for me.

Personally, I use a 15 year old laptop with Windows 7 on my Shark that I bought for $75. some 10 years ago. These computers don't have to be really fast and they don't have to use the latest OS. I use a wireless 10 key pad to position my work and after cutting starts, I drape the laptop keyboard with a clean towel. Every week or so, I use my air compressor to blow out the CPU heat sinks (there is an area where the laptop draws air in and blows it out). This has been working for many years.

My Shark is an older model with a 36 X 25 inch table so it was much easier for me to build a Shark tank to contain dust and noise. This is another reason, I am more reckless about dust in my computer. Your larger Shark would be harder to tank.

Just somethings to think about.

Good luck with your projects.
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