Use of the Dust Boot

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Use of the Dust Boot

Postby sharkcutup » Thu Apr 12, 2018 8:43 am

Two years ago when I first setup my CNC Shark machine I had decided not to use my dust boot in which I had originally purchased and intended to use. It was not until I decided to re-surface my MDF Spoilboard that I attempted to installed and use my Dust Boot. I can remember when I had cut the keyhole slots in the Spoilboard how much dust was kicked up from that MDF material. It is just that I
have always enjoyed monitoring/watching the CNC machine perform its tasks and just followed along with vacuum from time to time for ongoing cleanup.

Since I have discovered how well the dust boot functions after re-surfacing the spoilboard I have decided to leave it installed and try to work with it. Just have to adjust the end clamp (at +Y) on the project boards for proper clearance. The dust boot worked very efficiently keeping not only the dust from being airborne but it kept alot of chips/shavings from getting thrown everywhere. The Dust Boot for the most part keeps chips/shavings confined to the size of the boot and what little did not get sucked up by the vacuum remained on the project board/CNC table.

I have to admit too that after two years using the CNC Shark I am much more comfortable as to the "Gotchas" that may or may not occur so I do not need to monitor the machines progress as much now!

WOW! Less frequent workshop vacuuming!!!

Let Those Chips Fly!!!
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Re: Use of the Dust Boot

Postby bill z » Thu Apr 12, 2018 8:23 pm

I know the feeling Sharkcutup.

However, I still love to watch or maybe show someone how it is cutting. To live some in both worlds, I have a boot where the top is made of clear plastic and have it at such an angle that I can easily see the bit cutting into the material that I'm cutting. This way, I have a nearly dust free environment and can see the cuts also.

I'm tempted to modify a USB camera and insert it in the boot and then put the picture on the computer screen. Thes USB cameras are so cheap now a days that ti shouldn't cost very much at all.

Saying all of this, I bet someone has already done it. Maybe they will share.
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