NBA 2K took advantage of its supremacy

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NBA 2K took advantage of its supremacy

Postby Gamerzone » Fri Jan 11, 2019 9:49 pm

NBA 2K3 raises its repertoire of plays threats and rectifications and, even more importantly, implements for the first time a demonstration of matches in the design of ESPN, the favorite North American sports network. The following year an alliance involving Visual Concepts and ESPN puts the chain's name in the sport, a motion of higher significance as it seems: in addition to initiating a historic alliance that has improved sidereally the presentation of this game, points out that the growing significance that I was giving him away from"real" basketball. Let's not forget that ESPN is a pioneer television for its policy of esports. That year was also born 24/7, the first career mode in which you could create a custom player to participate in various competitions; This would be the germ of this recent MiCarrera, one of the most popular game manners of the franchise. The following year incorporates the announcers Kevin Harlan and Kenny Smith, two voices still connected to NBA 2K MT. The success of this saga directed the editor Take-Two Interactiva to obtain Visual Concepts, and thus the basketball game caused the birth of a brand new publishing firm, now one of the most crucial in the world: 2K Games and its subsidiary 2K Sports.

With renewed strength along with the muscle of 2K Sports to allow it to increase, NBA 2K stood in a crucial moment for any study: the generational leap to PS3 and Xbox 360. The technological changes that these new machines attracted took many companies before growth, but the excess power they provided catapulted the match to heights never seen. First on Xbox 360 with 2K6 afterward on PS3 with 2K7, the franchise has been gaining an increasing number of realism with the arrival of custom cartoons, which imitated the unique movements of the fantastic stars of the NBA. The popularization of the internet game turned into another element in favour of this sport. In games using a powerful online multiplayer element, group pressure is quite important: players want the same product as their friends, even if just to be able to play them. NBA 2K had already become the standard, the basketball game par excellencecompared to deliveries of NBA Live increasingly mediocre.

In the following years, NBA 2K took advantage of its supremacy to incorporate new mechanics and game modes seeking a greater depth. On the 1 hand, it was all about supplying an increasingly realistic and faithful basketball experience to real sports with advancements in artificial intelligence, management systems, playbooks... On the other hand, we attempted to offer not just the very authentic basketball possible, but the best variety of methods to enjoy the sport that nba2king could be envisioned. New modes were added like Playoffs and Blacktop, more triple and matte contests (2K8); matches 5 vs 5 on line (2K9); My Player joined, the evolution of the previous 24/7 with which to play with the league with your basketball avatar (2K10), special ways to experience the history of basketball, such as the Jordan Challenge (2K11) or even NBA Greatest (2K12)... In summary: not only was the game of basketball itself deepened, but everything which could be done with an orange ball was expanded.
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Re: NBA 2K took advantage of its supremacy

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