Setting up water cooled spindle

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Setting up water cooled spindle

Postby CharliesWoodStuff » Wed Feb 13, 2019 1:17 pm

I'm just now setting my Shark HD4 with water cooled spindle up. I'm running the control cables and trying to figure out an efficient method of running both control and water...

I built a rolling workbench / table for it.

Can anyone please share any "lessons learned" about setup, cable runs, and positioning?

I'm posting on this forum and the FB CNC forum.

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Re: Setting up water cooled spindle

Postby OCEdesigns » Thu Feb 14, 2019 8:55 am

It's not a very good picture and I don't have one yet of the finished product but this is how I started mine. I have the water lines and power wires together over a roller guide. I can take better pictures of the finished work when I get home.
Mine machine is sitting on a steel workbench I made for it with everything mounted on or under it. My bucket of water is under the back left corner. i can add a pic of that too.
HD4 Spindle lines.jpg
This is the start of the table
Shark HD4 Extended Bed, Water Cooled Spindle. VCarve Pro 9.5
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Re: Setting up water cooled spindle

Postby CharliesWoodStuff » Thu Feb 14, 2019 3:25 pm

Thanks you. Looks good - and I'll bet it's sturdy as heck! Mine is wood and hopefully it'll stand up to the rigors of the Shark. I'm thinking about putting a second 3/4" MDF on top, just to make it a little heavier.
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Re: Setting up water cooled spindle

Postby gwoodworks » Wed Feb 27, 2019 7:49 am

install a second drag chain on side of machine to run water lines and control wires, I would have liked to install the controller for the spindle closer to the foot of the table but the power cable wasn't long enough, it works OK where it's at I ended the drag chain just below it and the water lines and cables dump out just behind the CNC controller, however if I had a say in the design of the machine and the wiring, the Y,Z harness could be one foot longer the power cord to the spindle two feet longer and the water lines supplied for the spindle 15' each I had to add approx 10' to each line to run through the two drag chains and down to the bucket.
P.S. about the spoil board, the first time I have ever done any kind of design with a computer when I set up the tool path I didn't click on the option to run on the center of the line for the hold down bolt holes, I noticed that option when I layed out the t slots that I made with a 5/16" straight double flute bit and then following up with a 1/2" keyhole bit, it was a good project for my first project I learned a lot of what not to do.
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Re: Setting up water cooled spindle

Postby gita » Tue Apr 02, 2019 1:13 am

Start simple.

1. hook up the drive to the VFD
2. hook up the 220VAC to the VFD
3. program the VFD
4. start routing

See the other thread for the details of these steps.

After you get it going and you want to get fancy and run it through your control software, then you will need to purchase a driver board, and do some re-programming and some wiring - much more complex.

Start simple.
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