Straight Inlay - does font matter?

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Straight Inlay - does font matter?

Post by schullsr »

New user here and I have a question I hope you can help me with..
I am creating a straight inlay using the auto inlay toolpath in V-carve Desktop. I am using the Freestyle script font. My problem arises when I was trying to dial in the pocket offset (.012 Inches). The text I am trying to carve is "Hull". After carving both the male and female parts, the first two letters "Hu" seem to fit fine but the "ll" do not. IF I increase the offset it will be too loose for the "Hu".
Question... are there some fonts that do not work with straight inlays or can you point me in some other direction to resolve the issue?

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Re: Straight Inlay - does font matter?

Post by dvaskie127 »

Maybe try doing it in sections. Cut the vector and do different offsets for thru hu and the LL.

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