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Re: Fusion 360 Post-processor

Post by JayMcClellan »

Yeah I understand, the cloud-based storage of Fusion is definitely a tradeoff. I like being able to collaborate with others remotely on a shared project and also the fact that all my projects are continually backed up and availabile on all my PCs but I'd be wary of it if I were developing anything really sensitive. AutoDesk has a big vested interest in protecting customers' privacy but still, it's a consideration. It does work without an Internet connection but it's not the usual case so I don't know how well it works in that mode. On the up side you get a lot of capability for free so I'd say just be informed and weigh it accordingly. Personally I'd have no worries about sharing any of the projects I've done so far but that's just me. The virus potential doesn't worry me at all but I'm a software developer and can't live without an Internet connection.

I also understand about software you're familiar with vs something new. I'm still slower working in Fusion than in VCarve or SketchUp, but I'm trying to do most things in Fusion in order to keep learning it and it is getting easier. Once I've learned my way around I feel it will be just as fast and WAY more powerful than my alternatives, especially since I can use it for 3D printing too. I already printed a 1/2 scale plastic model of the guitar neck I'm designing, and once it looks right I can use the Shark to "print" it in wood.

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Re: Fusion 360 Post-processor

Post by tezblount »

Jay I downloaded your post processor and it seemed to work initially. I am using Fusion360 to generate an oval pocket. The post works but when I tried to cut air it stopped at a line that began some I and J moves. Any idea what to do to get past this?

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Re: Fusion 360 Post-processor

Post by jdsmith500 »

I am a hobbyist woodworker and I purchased the Shark HD3 3 or 4 years ago. I immediately downloaded Vcarve Desktop and have used it many times. Recently, I decided to upgrade to Vcarve Pro and it works for what I do. However, I have never understood all these extensions, such as “.stl,” “.dxf,” etc. I would like to learn how to download files from the internet and run them on my cnc machine. I’ve looked at a few Fusion 360 videos, and they sound like the guy explaining the “turbo encabulator.” You all know what that is, of course. I’m being facetious. Notwithstanding, the Fusion 360 videos sound like you need an engineering degree to understand and operate it. I’m not sure how to ask this question, but is it a fairly simple process to use Fusion 360 to run woodworking projects on my Shark?

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Re: Fusion 360 Post-processor

Post by AyaGamal »

I use/have used Fusion 360 at work for years. I'm printing something right now that I modeled in Fusion this evening.
I'm blown away by Fusion 360 so far, I use a XP-Pen Deco 03 drawing pad plus a the 3dconnexion space mouse for navigating the view. Works quiet good. A bit annoying is the lack of a third mouse button/wheel so i have to use the space mouse for panning and zooming the sketch area.

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