cutting a rounded groove into a board

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cutting a rounded groove into a board

Post by lsnyman »

I havent touched my machine in a while and now I am a little lost in remembering how to do things.
I am using V-Carve 9.0.
I need to cut a grrove around the edge of a cutting board, I think they call it a juice groove. it should be shallow, maybe 1/4" deep and 3/4" wide but should be an Arc shape, meaning rounded all the way, not flat at the bottom or sides.
I only have a 1/4" Bull nose bit for this.
I tried the pocket toolpath between 2 lines, but its flat on the bottom and only the very edge is rounded.
Anyone have any tips to do this?

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Re: cutting a rounded groove into a board

Post by gordread »

The fastest way is to get a 3/4" round cutter and just do a profile 'on' cut. I don't know if v-carve has any other modelling functionality or not. In aspire there are a couple of methods to use (2-rail, as well as vector based modelling). Perhaps a fluting tool path?

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