help with 1 year anniversary project

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help with 1 year anniversary project

Post by tmaxxracer32 »

Hi all,

First post here.

I bought a shark HD3 a few weeks ago and planned to use that time to learn the vectric desktop software that was supposed to come with it.
Unfortunately it took the last few weeks for the ownership of the software to transfer for me so I am scrambling last minute to get this project done.

I tried importing a pdf heart into vcarve and inlaying the words into the inside hoping it would match the style I attached here but it wasn't that easy.

I assume this is a simple task I just dont know how to do it yet.

Can anyone help with the file or explain how to do this? Even explaining the proper terminolgy I can use to do a search online would help. Ive searched inlay, words in vector, etc but i couldnt find much

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Thank you for any help you can provide! I- and my wife- will certainly appreciate it!
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Re: help with 1 year anniversary project

Post by KevinO »

Hi Ryan,
Sorry, I don't check the forum as often as I used to. Well, now you have plenty of time to make your plaque before next year!
I've attached a .crv file which hopefully will get you started in the right direction. The heart is from the "Clip Art" that comes with VCarve. I played around with the proportions to try to get your text to fit as shown in the .bmp you attached.
The text was done using the "Draw Text" tool under "Create Vectors". If you select a line of text and then click the "Draw Text" tool you'll get a dialogue box which will show you the font info and location data I used. You can change the text height and x-y position here.
Note that I didn't enter the entire text... I left that to you to try.
I wasn't sure how big you wanted it to be but you can experiment and change it to your liking.
One more thing, you will have to change the tools to your own tool data base. I included the tool name so just swap the tool I used with the same from your data base.
Hope this helps. Any questions just reply to the topic.
Plaque (Katy-Ryan).crv
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Re: help with 1 year anniversary project

Post by CharliesWoodStuff »

I like this idea. Is there a tool (or an easy process) where you can create a shape (in this case - a heart) then fill it with text? I know you can do a square or rectangle. But say I wanted to put the pledge inside a star? It’d be a pita to resize the text then change ctrl-newline constantly.

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