Cutting a 3d model

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Cutting a 3d model

Post by simja65 »

I have never cut a 3d model before and need some advice. How do I cut this. Need it about 7 or 8 inches long.
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Re: Cutting a 3d model

Post by Bob »

First of all do not do this project as your first attempt at 2 sided 3D will go nuts.

Go to this tutorial: file:///C:/Users/Public/Documents/Vectric%20Files/Tutorial%20Files/VCarve%20Pro%20V9.0/Two_Sided_Marlin/Two_Sided_Marlin_Two_Sided.html
It's sort of like what you want to do.
Don't just watch it...follow along and do the same steps as described in the tutorial. If you are sure you understand the procedure, try cutting the Marlin.

Better a simple one sided 3D from your clipart supply, and try that first: file:///C:/Users/Public/Documents/Vectric%20Files/Tutorial%20Files/VCarve%20Pro%20V9.0/VCarve_Clipart_Guide/VCarve_Clipart_Guide_General_Topics.html

Then try 2 sided registration on a simple2D, 2 sided project.

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Re: Cutting a 3d model

Post by sharkcutup »

I second Bob's recommendation's. Spend some time on some of the Great Tutorials that are available.

That model is HUGE (stands at 209.592mm / 8.25" TALL)---- It would need to be positioned differently and scaled down FIRST before going to V-Carve Unless you divide it up and tile it during carving which complicates things even more!

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