Alibre Atom3D Complimentary Trial

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Alibre Atom3D Complimentary Trial

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I just wanted to say thank you to NextWave Automation for their Complimentary 90-day Trial of Alibre Atom3D. I have 21 days left on the trial software and I plan on purchasing this powerful 3D Modeling software program near the end of my trial. I have been able to create several models using this powerful software. A few of them can be seen on my website (, Tractor Seat, Crusaders Shield, Another Shield, etc... Below is an image from Atom3D of one project that is not on my website.

This 3D Model Project is From Woodworkers Journal August 2016 Magazine Issue The "BackYard BeeHive"

All modeled parts were individually created one by one and then assembled in Atom3D
BackYard BeeHive.jpg
An amazingly powerful program for woodcraftsman and hobbyists like myself!!! Thank You again NEXTWAVE AUTOMATION for the Complimentary TRIAL!!! :D :D :D

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Re: Alibre Atom3D Complimentary Trial

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That looks really cool!
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