Carving Through Work Piece

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Carving Through Work Piece

Post by FRANKIEB21 »

I've had two recent incidents where the router bit was forcibly carved through the work piece and driven into the aluminum table below. The router is forced into the work piece to the point where the collect is burning the wood. In the first incident the bit and collect jammed up so bad that the fuse blew in the controller. In today's incident the bit (¼) broke.
Had a fellow woodworker and accomplished CNC carver review the code
(Vectric – Vcarve PRO 10.5). The code was correct.

Any insight in this will be much appreciated.

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Re: Carving Through Work Piece

Post by JoeM »

Is it possible you set Z0 for the table surface on the machine, and in the program you set it at material surface?

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Re: Carving Through Work Piece

Post by mcsteve »

I had this happen once when I was carving a pocket in maple with a 1/4” spiral bit. After looking at all of the options I came to the uneducated conclusion that I was packing too much dust/chips in the pocket path as well as attempting to carve too fast with a spiral bit. It made sense to me that the friction of the spiral bit as well as a build up of chips “pulled” the router down into the work. True or not, I don’t know but I have since added a dust boot to provide continuous removal of chips/dust and reduced my travel speed in maple pieces using this bit style and have not had this issue again. Could be coincidence, I’m not sure but it worked for me.
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