Combining Run Files From Within Shark?

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Combining Run Files From Within Shark?

Post by nwohioshark »

Helping an older family friend with his Shark the last couple of years.
I'm beginning to grasp the understanding of VCarve and then writing the file to Shark etc.
User has several files in shark that I would explain as the "same tool path."
User states that someone showed him how to merge 2 Shark files in a few clicks within Shark so he doesn't have to stop and start the 2nd file but he forgot what they did.
I've come across post about going into VCarve and rewriting a new file, but user claims this is not necessary.
My question is: Is this possible? I'm fairly computer lit, so if someone has a few seconds to just say yes or no and/or a few words for the possible solution, I would be forever thankful!!

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Re: Combining Run Files From Within Shark?

Post by ffloyd »

When you create two toolpaths in VCarve Pro and get to the "save toolpath" option, you have the option to create two separate files. If the two toolpaths use the same tool, the SAVE process has an option to put both into the same file. I found this handy when running laser toolpaths. In that case, you're using the same tool for all toolpaths but each toolpath can have its own speed and power setting. Testing proved that worked with 5 separate toolpaths being combined into one. This was a timesaver with many toolpaths with the same tool as the CNC will continue to run without interruption.

Warning: You cannot combine toolpaths that use different tools UNLESS you have an automatic tool changer.

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