V-carved tool path truncated

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V-carved tool path truncated

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I am having a problem cutting V-Carved pockets for an inlay where the are odd deviations in the edges of the pocket so I decided to cut several 8-sided stars (compass rose) to see if it just happening in certain directions or if there was any other pattern I could spot. The only problem I found is that the sharp corners of the star is not going all the way to the end leaving round and truncated tips on the stars. I can actually see that is not going to the end of the cut in the CNC Shark control panel (v2.1). The green cross hairs that show the bit location moves out from the center of each star toward the end of the radial line but reverses directions before reaching the end of the line. When I measure the result of the resulting star between 2 opposite points of the star, it is definitely smaller than measured in Vectric Vcarve Pro (v11).

Here is the simulation in Vcarve Pro
Compass Roses.jpg
And the result that I am actually getting
My first posting here so I hopefully I uploaded the photos correctly. I also attached the gcode for this cut.

My machine is an HD3 and up until now has performed pretty flawlessly so I am not sure exactly. Anyone have any ideas what is going wrong here?
Stars V-bit.tap
This is the gcode for this cut.
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