Shark controller

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Shark controller

Postby afs2ovi » Wed Jun 29, 2011 3:40 pm

:oops: You have helped me so much in the past I thought you might be able to answer a couple of questions for me. I will be going out to my Shark Pro next week for the first time since last Sept and I think I have forgotten more than I knew.
I have the 1.4 version of the controller soft ware installed on my stock from the box Pro. I have downloaded the 1.7 version and the inch arc an inch for photo v carve and v carve 6. Do I and can I use these without upgrading anything else?
Also the Shark basic panel and the scan panel appear the same except for the scan part. Since I have the scan and probe is it necessary to have both installed or can I use the scan panel for both basic and scan?
Thanks for your help
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