Wood toy car roadways?

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Wood toy car roadways?

Post by mmatarella »

I've been wanting to make my grandson a wood road play set, like the Brio Road or Plan Toys sets. I am starting from scratch and am not looking to copy nor be compatible with those. He loves his wood train track which he has a lot of and wants to incorporate cars and roads. The Brio stuff is too $ and hard to find. I could try to start from scratch but if someone has already done a design... Beside the joints I've been playing with getting the radius of curves to be right so that things line up for a crossover / intersection etc. As I got into it there is quite a bit to it!

So wondering if someone has already done something like this.

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Randy J
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Re: Wood toy car roadways?

Post by Randy J »

Years ago I made a wooden train track for my kids with router jigs. Laying out the design took some time. Back then I used of a trammel, compass and router jigs. But now that can all be done easily in VCarve using the Offset, Fillet, Tangent and Trim tools. Attached are some pics of a simple layout. VCarve makes it easy and pretty quick.
Keeping angles to multiples of 15 degrees will make some of the round sections interchangeable. Cutting the straights to increments of 1 or 2 inches will also make them interchangeable, However, there will still be a few unique parts - but that's part of the fun too.
01 Untrimmed vectors.jpeg
02 Joined vectors.jpeg
03 Simulated toolpaths.jpeg

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Re: Wood toy car roadways?

Post by ryan324 »

you can go through google for ideas !!!!

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