Arts & Crafts Clip Art

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Arts & Crafts Clip Art

Post by toolguy »

Looking for clip art related to the Arts & Crafts movement. Anyone have any ideas, info, connections,sites, etc. Tried goggle, had little luck.

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Re: Arts & Crafts Clip Art

Post by Shipfitter »

That topic has a rather wide range, maybe you can narrow it down a tad so I can help ya.
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Re: Arts & Crafts Clip Art

Post by ohiococonut »

I don't use google but I do search the web and find all kinds of clipart. I simply save the file as *.* and open it up in Paint Shop Pro and manuliplate it to suit me, then import it into VCarve Pro. Works for me. Try seaching for bitmaps as well. There isn't an image I've been looking for that I haven't been able to use, yet. Some you can just copy, import and trace the bitmap.

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Re: Arts & Crafts Clip Art

Post by rrsnith »

This might sound stupid, but I have downloaded clip art but I can't import it. Can you walk me through from the beginning?

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Re: Arts & Crafts Clip Art

Post by tonydude »

Watch and do the tutorials from vectric. ... ideo_id=22 also look at ... &keywords=

This is where we all learn from.


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