10 Free 3D Models

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10 Free 3D Models

Post by JamesB »

To celebrate the 2000th design being added to the Vector Art 3D website, we are giving away 10 free models in all three styles and file formats we offer. To access these you do need to have a valid Vector Art 3D account and be logged in. You can see the 10 models we're offering in the image and see how to access them from this page on the site: http://www.vectorart3d.com/free_promotion/

These models will only be available until Dec 31st, 2013. The models can be used with Cut3D or Aspire as well as with our own Free Vector Art 3D Machinist software and many other programs.


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Re: 10 Free 3D Models

Post by ohiococonut »

I accessed the link from the Vectric forum but wanted to take the time to thank you here anyway.
Thank You!
It's no wonder I keep buying images. Your customer service never ceases to amaze me.

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Re: 10 Free 3D Models

Post by rsetina »

I wanted to say thanks also. I downloaded them as well and will find a use for them.

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Re: 10 Free 3D Models

Post by Andrew19 »

You can also find a lot of free 3D models here https://creazilla.com/sections/3-3d-models

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