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Re: Project File Sharing

Post by sharkcutup »

Here is another thought as to why individuals may not share their files with others here on the forum.

A possible LAWSUIT --- admit it the times today with lawsuit happy lawyers and individuals out there!

An individual say downloads a file from this forum and does not take the time to go over the file to make changes that suits his/her machine and setup. Runs a project thereby either doing damages to their machine or even worse bodily harm.

This of course is my own opinion and observation.

Have a GREAT DAY!!! :D

Be SAFE around those AWESOME machines!!! ;)
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Re: Project File Sharing

Post by bill z »

I like this idea when sharing is allowed. I would live to give anyone interested some of my creations. I say creations but I get most all of my ideas from the Internet.

Not everyone uses the Vectric Software products.

Plus, some are using an older version that will not load files made from a newer version. Concession should be made.

DXF files with finished pictures helps. Still work to be done to get in a tap format.

Just my observations and suggestions about sharing files.

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Re: Project File Sharing spoon

Post by pwsmas »

Does anyone have a .crv spoon file they are willing to share? Thanks.

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Re: Project File Sharing spoon

Post by Bob »

pwsmas wrote:Does anyone have a .crv spoon file they are willing to share? Thanks.
I posted files here: ... on#p209290
You'll need to scroll down to the ones I posted.
As with all shared files, make sure you understand what you are doing before you try this. Do test cuts first. Read the directions. But, most importantly, don't blame me if something doesn't go as you planned.

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Re: Project File Sharing

Post by rbuckner »

Complete Newbie here. I just ran my first two pieces. I call sign making flat work.. I still have a few bugs to work out when it come to the vectric file and then laying out my work piece on the table and making sure I didn't put it on the wrong way. How do I save these plans you have all come up with onto my PC for later use. as with any technology by the time I figure it out everything is outdated. For instance I just bought this PC with windows 10 leaping from vista on my old one.

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Re: Project File Sharing

Post by Eagle55 »

Well the first big leap begins with a small step. Stepping away from Windows vista was a great move and long over due. After living with vista this long I am surprised you didn’t give up on computers long ago. Saving the .crv file should be easy. I think if you click on it the choice to save it or open it will come up. At which point you can open it with V-Carve and then save it with the same file name or one of your own choosing or you could save it to your “projects” directory. I call mine “projects” but you can name it whatever you want. It’s just a place where I keep all my .crv files so I can find them easily. This forum is definitely a place to learn. A lot of great teachers here and experience that I still learn from. Learn to use the search features well and you will find mistakes made that you can learn from so you don’t have to make them yourself. You will also find a wealth of techniques that make the great users great.

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