Setup problems with Pro Plus HD

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Setup problems with Pro Plus HD

Postby Julian Joe » Tue Oct 24, 2017 4:03 pm

Using a Shark Pro Plus HD. This unit was purchased in 2013. Due to health problems, it has been storage until now. I am now finally able to get started on real projects. I am trying to create a simple sign with just text but the layout that I have created does not seem to work correctly. This is the process that I have completed: 1) created the image in VCarve 6.5 2) created the .tap file using the dimensions of the work piece - 24"w x 9" h x 1.5 " thick, depth of cut 0.3" 3) I used the center point of the work piece as a start reference. 4) I jogged to that center point and set the X,Y & Z to zero (the Z zero was set just above the surface of the work piece). I then raised the router up manually about 2" above the work piece and ran the G code. I wanted to see if the router bit would stay within the confines of the work piece and draw the letters "in the air" about the work piece as a test run. This is where I ran into the problem. Each time I ran the G code, the router would move to what looks like the correct spots to create the work, but it always went well beyond the 24' x 9' piece of wood. As another experiment I tried using a different size work pieces 20" x 20" and the same thing happens. The router goes beyond the edge of the wood. Any ideas what wrong path I am going down? Thanks for the help! I am sure glad to be back trying to get the Shark back in business and get some projects built. :D

Thanks - Joe
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Re: Setup problems with Pro Plus HD

Postby Rando » Tue Oct 24, 2017 4:38 pm

Julian Joe.

Glad to hear you're finally getting some use out of it. And, if I may, welcome back to health as well.

The first thing I'd check is whether the units between the drawing, the TAP file, and the control-panel software (or pendant setting) all the same?
The next thing I'd check is whether the correct post-processor file was used in the output from VCarve to that tap file.

Have no fear, we'll get you there!


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