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Welcome to CNC Shark Talk!

Post by KimAdams »

We're so glad you're here. This is your place to discuss anything and everything about the CNC Shark Routing System. Ask questions, answer questions, show off your projects, and learn to Create with Confidence using Rockler's CNC Shark Router System.

Please take a few moments to look over our Board Rules before posting on the forums. We'd like to keep this site clean and friendly - a place where people can feel comfortable to come and chat. Enjoy!

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Re: Welcome to CNC Shark Talk!

Post by ADRIAN »


Mr. Derby
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Re: Welcome to CNC Shark Talk!

Post by Mr. Derby »

Thank you. Hope to learn much. :)

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Re: Welcome to CNC Shark Talk!

Post by NCP »

Thanks for the welcome. Here's my basic problem. I have a SharkPro running V carve on a Toshiba with Windows 7. When I try to use the "jog" command to set the machine to 0,0,0 it works fine for the first couple of jogs but then instead of jogging a small distance it switches to fast jog and goes beyond the point I'm trying to set to 0,0,0.

"Jog" is the same as scroll on my computer. When I scroll it will move up or down one line per touch of the scroll button for the first few lines and then it switches to fast scroll. How do I get control of this?

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Re: Welcome to CNC Shark Talk!

Post by cdat »

New guy here. Tanks...er thanks for the welcome. Looking at purchasing a shark pro now that I've saved the money from other stuff I've sold. Anyone know a good place (in Michigan) to see a Shark Pro in action. Not in a video but 'live'? Nothing like the real thing.
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Re: Welcome to CNC Shark Talk!

Post by PB2U2 »

I cannot recall where I read on this forum about upgrades coming to newer machines soon to be released. (As best as I can recall, anyway.) Maybe I misinterpreted what was being shared?

One of the moderators was responding to a question and the information was posted in his response.

What improvements are soon to come? Would a savings on only 5% off the price of a SHARK PRO right now be worth it if upgrades to "keep up" with a newer machine version release would have to be purchased?

Can you locate that other moderator's forum reply that mentioned things along the order of upgrades/newer releases re: SHARK CNC machines?

Thanks- pb2u2 in Florida

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Re: Welcome to CNC Shark Talk!

Post by ehaft »

Thank you. Just thinking about purchasing a CNC Shark and wanted to hear what everyone had to say about them. Looks like a great site.

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Re: Welcome to CNC Shark Talk!

Post by Scotty7456 »

Ok guys,, my shark pro plus should be here by the end of the week!!!
I am ready to get started !!!!

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Re: Welcome to CNC Shark Talk!

Post by Consultingwoodworker »


Be sure to view the videos available here. They should be a shortcut to get you up and running quickly.


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Re: Welcome to CNC Shark Talk!

Post by flytrader »

Thank you all,

just purchased the pro plus.

I am looking forward to a wonderful future.

Ed. :ugeek:

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