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Re: Welcome to CNC Shark Talk!

Post by BrongeldCNC »

Hello everyone, I´m José, from Venezuela, SouthAmerica, Metallurgic Engineer with +10 years of experience, including automotive industry. I´m walking my first baby steps on CNC. The sharks seems to be a wonderful tool for someone like me, with more knowledge, projects and ideas than money to spend. LOL.
I hope to learn a lot, and hopefully help and teach as well our fellow members!.

Nice to meet you all.


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Re: Welcome to CNC Shark Talk!

Post by Signdan »

I have a problem I can neither solve nor find in the forums.

In a nut shell: As my Shark system cuts letters for text (I mostly just use use Quick Text for my sign business), it smoothly descends to say, .125, goes around the letter fine until it is about 1/2 to 3/4 done then it slowly ramps up and out all while the computer screen shows .125. This deforms the letters and makes the sign unsellable, never mind the waste of material and time.

I sent a couple of my g-codes generated with VCarve Pro to a Vetric tech who said there is nothing wrong there.

It seems to cut graphics just fine, it is the text it messes up. Why? And how do I fix this?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Welcome to CNC Shark Talk!

Post by KarenW »

Hi Signdan - I see you found your way here. ;)
Try reposting this question in one of the other areas like either the section for your specific model (Shark Pro, Shark Pro Plus, Shark Pro Plus HD) or scroll all the way down on the main page and hit the New Topic* button so it will be seen by more people.

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Re: Welcome to CNC Shark Talk!

Post by TheBarnShop »

I just wanted to give a big hello! I just joined and have been exploring the site.
I just ordered the Black Diamond today and can't wait to get started. Thanks

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Re: Welcome to CNC Shark Talk!

Post by RSO1091 »

Hi There! I just received a Shark Black Diamond for Christmas and have ordered a Porter Cable 892 router to compliment the machine. Before really getting into producing anything with the Shark however, I will be building a rolling stand, housing the computer and other hardware. I haven't looked to see if anyone here has posted any plans or listed ideas on how the cabinet should be constructed yet. I'm really excited about getting started down the road though and would love to get together with an experienced Shark owner in the area to gain some first hand knowledge. I have attended a few demonstrations at the Ontario, CA Rockler store in the past, but you can't beat the guidance provided by a dedicated user :D . Anyway, just thought I'd introduce myself and say that I am very appreciative of this forum. I'm sure that I'll find the information to be most helpful.


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Re: Welcome to CNC Shark Talk!

Post by regrant3 »

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been lurking on your forum for a couple of years now and would like to thank all of you for posting your questions and those who have taken the time to reply to them. I am very appreciative. The wealth of information here has helped me take the plunge. I ordered myself the Black Diamond Edition for Christmas with a Porter Cable 892 router. So far everything has worked without any troubles. I had to email Next Wave Automation to get the link to download the CNC Shark Control Panel Program 2.0. I was not on there mailing list yet. But it’s now installed and working great. I am currently working on a Shark tank enclosure to help control the dust. Anyway, just thought it was time to introduce myself and I’m looking forward to doing something worth posting and contributing to the forum.

Thanks Everyone,


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Re: Welcome to CNC Shark Talk!

Post by Crosetti »

Hello All!
On a whim, my boss bought a Industrial CNC w/ a 4'x8' table. He had no immediate plans for it but knew it would pay off... & it has!!! I'm the CAD/graphics guy @ work so it was my job to learn how to use it.
After working on the CNC for a year I had to buy one for myself. So a few weeks ago I bought a used (20 hours on it, like knew) Black Diamond Shark for my garage. I've just cut a few things so far.
1st Lithophane attempt ... worked out nice
1st Lithophane attempt ... worked out nice
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Re: Welcome to CNC Shark Talk!

Post by perfmech1 »

Hello All,
I am fairly new to the cnc world. I have just purchased a Black Diamond Edition Shark (still in shipping), I am hoping people here can give
me some insight and helpful suggestions. Our woodshop mainly produces different kinds of boxes from simple trinket to several different kinds of jewelry boxes and after seeing one of these in action I thought it would be a good addition to our shop to be able to carve intricate patterns into the woodwork.

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Re: Welcome to CNC Shark Talk!

Post by BMR1 »

I'm new to this. I've got the Shark Mako. Did a couple of the Vectric programs over the last 2years. Now I'm retired I hope to spend more time learning this machine

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Re: Welcome to CNC Shark Talk!

Post by Horseshoe »

We ordered our Shark on June 1st. Rockler said that it would take 1 to 2 weeks. When we called and checked they said 2-3 weeks. Has anyone else had this delay in shipping? I am just concerned about not being able to track it. They said it comes directly from the company and Rockler has no way to know when it ships. In todays world it seems that there could be a better system in place. I hope my $5000 is not sitting at a neighbors :(

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