Problems running CNC Shark Pro Using VISTA

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Problems running CNC Shark Pro Using VISTA

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Tried earlier today to carve out a project and 3/4 of the way in, it decides to once again forget where its 0,0 is. I'm using to cnc in a metal building so no problem with a signal(using laptop). I turn it to work offline anyway. I also turn everything off on my norton, and run as Administrator on both Vcarve program and the Control Panel. I called next wave automation and talked to a guy who knew only of windows based problems/not vista. But he thought that it might be the size of my sd card not being big enough. It's what came with the shark pro (1gb). I would attach a copy of the crv. file but it only allows for 2mb. The dimensions of project are width(23.875) and height(21.00). Awaiting a call back from Tim, who supposably knows Vista, but this is very aggravating! I also don't have a screen saver on. Everything that I can think of that would cause interference is turned off. ANY HELP WOULD BE MOST APPRECIATED!

Please help.

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