Problems running CNC Shark Pro Using VISTA

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Re: Problems running CNC Shark Pro Using VISTA

Postby Rando » Sat Jun 23, 2018 1:15 pm


Let's see if I can help. I'll stick with you in this thread until some resolution is found.

Can you describe what you mean about it's behavior? In specific detail? What does it mean to forget where 0,0 is? Below is an example of the level of detail I'm hoping for. It's not a description of your problem...or is it?

Some odd behavior I've been seeing lately happens like this: at some random time during a cut, the on-screen console appears to believe that the shark has abruptly stopped sending progress-monitoring data back, and is not responding to commands. The scrolling GCode window doesn't move (but can be scrolled), the jog buttons don't work, just like if it was running a cut, but the console's software estop and pause buttons do nothing. Killing the control panel makes it whine as if there's still a program running, even if it's long finished. The cut continues to completion, but the move from the last cutting position to the original starting location doesn't occur. And when I tell it to go Home, it goes to some weird location that is clearly NOT zero. At the same time, Winturds does it's usual "you're screwed" USB beeping, and for me complains it's an unrecognized device.

I have found a workaround when that happens, that actually WILL get you back to the original X0Y0Z0, but that won't help you if that's not what's happening to you, and it's a painfully specific process you can't deviate from, or zero will be discarded.

So, can you provide some details about your problems? Would it be possible to get the same level of detail that I describe above?

Thanks, Crowek!


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