Stoping a cut and going back to 0.0.0

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Stoping a cut and going back to 0.0.0

Post by misterx »

Hi, i have a shark hd3, I want to know if I pause a cut and then stop it on the computer screen with the curser (right next to the pause button), can I have the bit go back to 0.0.0? I always hit the red button on the control box then I have to close the control panel and start it again, and the bit is not at the start point. A lot of the time when that happens I already have the start point carved out because I use the center  XY Datum position. Or is there a way to stop a cut and not have to restart the control panel? Or better yet has anyone made a touchplate that does both the Z and finds the lower left corner that works on the shark? I’ve seen them made for other cnc machines.Thanks Tim

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Re: Stoping a cut and going back to 0.0.0

Post by OCEdesigns »

As far as I know anytime you STOP a cut you need to just start it over.

I wish the Vectric software had the feature to stop a cut and show you exactly where you are so you can go back if needed. If it's there I have never seen it.
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Re: Stoping a cut and going back to 0.0.0

Post by Kayvon »

In the CNC Shark Control Panel, when I click the red Stop button on the screen, it stops the cutting. When I click it again, the machine returns to 0,0,0 (starting position). I'm not using the pause button at all.

This sounds like what you're asking about, right?

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Re: Stoping a cut and going back to 0.0.0

Post by NL7U »

If I remember correctly, I hit the red stop, then the "X"...then individually and manually enter in the "0" on each axis's pendant position, then use the MOVE command on the pendant. This well bring you back to 0,0,0 where you can start your project all over again. I do this when I determine that I might want to cut just a smidge deeper.

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