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Controller Features

Postby nicksilva » Thu Sep 19, 2019 10:51 am

Anybody else think some extra features in the controller software would make the Sharks better.
If I had to ask I'd say:

-Single Stepping: What better way to avoid a crash or plunge into the table
-scripting: short command line moves. Sometimes I just need to cut a line and I don't want to create a full program for that.
-gCode editing: I know I can edit the created gCode file, and redownload and go thru all the motions. But it's already in memory and I just need to change one value!

Yeah, I'm spoiled using big boy mills with Fanuc or HAAS controllers or Mach 3. Anyone else have some features they think would improve the controller. Of course I'm guessing none of this is of value if you're using a pendant. Thoughts?
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